Dine About Town 2010

Posted in food, SF by krisyee on January 9, 2010

Just like last year, it’s about that time to get your grub on! Dine About Town is on it’s way! From January 15th-31st you have the chance to try over 100 restaurants in San Francisco for only $35 for a three course dinner and $18 for a two course lunch. With prefixed menus, it gives you an opportunity to try high end restaurants for a lower price. Perfect time to go on dates!

It used to be a month long event, but within the last year or two they made it a two week event in January and again in June. OpenTable is now taking reservations, so make sure you get yours!

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Dine About Town 2009

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on January 17, 2009
I can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier!
It’s that time of year again!
Dine About Town happens for two weeks in January and gives you the opportunity to try a bunch of restaurants in San Francisco. You get to choose your dishes from a prefixed menu for a fixed price of either $21.95 for lunch or $34.95 for dinner. Did I mention it’s a 3 course meal? Yep, you get to choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert!

Check out the website to see what restaurants are participating.
You better hurry, it ends January 31st! Happy eating!

And if anyone ends up at Roy’s Hawaiin Fusion Cuisine…get the chocolate souffle…haha