Women’s Nike Snowboarding Boots

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I wonder how comfortable these are…but these are freaking SICK.

These came out September last year…
…and these Oct last year.

Nike Snowboarding.

Tilt Shift

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I was on Twitter (the new hype, get on it! haha) and was looking at who was following me and I came across this guy named Michael Perry, a video blogger on Vimeo from San Francisco. On one of his blogs he showed a photo that was created with a tilt shift technique. It basically makes images look miniturized due to the shallow depth of the photo. He mentioned where you can upload a picture and create a tilt shift image. So of course I had to mess with it. It may be the “easy” way, but why not?! It’s for fun!


Tilt shift maker

Tilt shift maker
My photos aren’t the greatest, but check these out on Or just Google “tilt shift” and look at some images. Haha


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I’ve noticed there’s a bit of a hype for this movie Coraline and I think I can see why. The movie is based on a book written by Neil Gaiman which sold over one million copies in 2002. From the director of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, Henry Selick brings Coraline to life. It has that Nightmare Before Christmas vibe but I think it’s going to be a good movie. The movie comes out in theaters Feb 6th. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet check it out.

One other thing…

Nike created a pair of dunks for the movie. If you watch the movie the day it comes out, there will be a secret password at the end of credits for you to enter to win them.


Check out for more info.

What the Forks?!

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Help my girls from What the Forks?! rank top 10 in the Twilight blogs!

Make sure you click on the link on their page!

What the Forks?!


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Okay, during the end of last week I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t upload photos from my iPhoto onto my blog. I just found out how EASY it was to fix it. Ugh. Don’t you hate when you know it’s hella easy to fix something but you just can’t figure it out?
ANYWAYS…I got a new snowboard!
In my previous posts I showed you which boards I wanted but they were kind of pricey for me, so I ended up with this one.It’s a Salomon board I found on sale. It’s a 151 free ride board which is perfect for me. I bought some Burton bindings and boots too.

This weekend we went up to Tahoe for my friend Tre’s birthday. We both have new boards so we got to break em’ in a little and see how they feel. It snowed Friday night when we got to the cabin so we headed up to Heavenly on Saturday and enjoyed the fresh powder.

But first…snowball fights.
Eddy, Steph, & Reg

Board games. Chicks vs. Dicks…Chicks win…as usual.

Saturday @ Heavenly!
Tre & I
Justin n’ B
I was cold and didn’t bring my face mask.
Tre, Justin, n’ B
It was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Kim n’ B
Singing “Happy Birthday” to Tre! Happy 25th birthday love! Hope you had a good time!Reg’s strawberry cake
Kim & Jon playing chess

Awesome views on the way home. I have more pictures on my Flickr account but here are a couple.

…and then I got bored and played around with my camera.

Reno this weekend. Where we going? Northstar or Mt.Rose? I need to buy my ticket!

Obama Day!

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Embedded video from CNN Video

Why the judge gotta screw him up for? Haha

In case you missed it…more videos HERE.

A Walk and a Squirrel

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Golden Gate Park is literally across the street from my apartment and yesterday was the first time I decided to go for a walk. Usually my walk consists of going down the street and grocery shopping at the Asian markets, hitting up Walgreens, the pizza place or the liquor store. But the weather was nice so I headed towards Stow Lake.

I sat on a bench for awhile and kicked it with the ducks. I forgot how beautiful the colors of the feathers were. It was kind of peaceful just sitting there.

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to Stow Lake in the day time. I used to be a summer day camp leader and sometimes we’d bring the kids here to go pedal boating. And if you live in the city then I’m sure you’ve heard about the “ghost” at Stow Lake. My friends and I used to always come down here late at night and freak ourselves out. Supposedly a woman’s kids drowned in Stow Lake and she haunts the place asking for you to save her children. If you ever want to get freaked out you should try coming here at night.

So while I was walking along the trail there were a lot of trees and a lot of squirrels. One squirrel decided to run straight towards me. I swear it was about to attack me and then suddenly it stopped 2 or 3 feet in front of me. I really wanted to take a picture of it, but I honestly got freaked out a bit. I tried walking around it but it just continued to circle me. I know this all sounds so stupid but let me tell you, I was trippin out! We proceeded our little face off and I walked away, but every time I turned around it was still there following me! When it finally went away I called my friend Regina to tell her. I knew she’d get a good laugh out of it. Next time I’ll bring someone with me and see what happens next. Those squirrels are probably so used to humans being around they’re not afraid to see if we have food!

Dine About Town 2009

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I can’t believe I didn’t post this earlier!
It’s that time of year again!
Dine About Town happens for two weeks in January and gives you the opportunity to try a bunch of restaurants in San Francisco. You get to choose your dishes from a prefixed menu for a fixed price of either $21.95 for lunch or $34.95 for dinner. Did I mention it’s a 3 course meal? Yep, you get to choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert!

Check out the website to see what restaurants are participating.
You better hurry, it ends January 31st! Happy eating!

And if anyone ends up at Roy’s Hawaiin Fusion Cuisine…get the chocolate souffle…haha

Win & Ice Cream

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The other night I went to dinner with a few friends @ Win on Taravel. I’ve never been there but I guess I would say it’s your regular Chinese restaurant. I was wondering why my friend Pat chose to eat Chinese food but apparently there’s no good Chinese food in Tacoma, Washington where he goes to school. Haha
Pat & B
After dinner we headed out to MarcoPolo. I haven’t had this in over a year!
Reg, B, Pat

Chicken & Waffles

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Earlier today I headed over to Oakland to see my friend Evan ( Sorry this isn’t the greatest picture Evan! Haha Evan’s line is starting to grow and is at your local TRUE locations along with other Bay Area boutiques and online shops.
We headed out to lunch and ended up going to a chicken and waffle spot near Jack London Square. YUM! I think I’m due for a trip to LA or Long Beach and get me some Roscoe’s.
For those of you shop owners and buyers, Evan will be in Vegas during the week of Magic. For more info hit him up on