learning more about myself everyday and figuring out what it is i want in my life. from fashion merchandising to public relations to business to marketing i think i finally figured out what i want to major in. my friends are great and keep me sane. my family‘s supportive. i hate would’ves could’ves and should’ves but hey, they happen and so i live life with no regrets. i like taking chances and i believe things happen for a reason. i like meeting new people. someone once told me that i see the best in the worst people. i hope for the best but i prepare myself for the worst. i hate bullshitters, they’re a waste of time. say what you mean or just don’t say anything. smiles get my attention. i like making funny faces because what’s life w/o some laughter. sunny days make me happy along with napping on the grass in union square or at a park. good music gets me in a good mood. i love to eat. i love going out…dancing is my outlet. i hate how guys shoes don’t come in my size or how their hoodies always seem to look better. takingphotos relieve me from stress. sunsets at the beach are the best. i love black and white but i need color in my life. symmetry is a wonderful thing but sometimes i like being uneven.


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