DIY Sessions: Succulent Wall Planters

Posted in DIY by krisyee on June 25, 2015

Oh hello. It’s been a long time and I’m sure this is out of the blue. I’ve been doing a lot of DIY projects lately and although I have my “DIY Sessions” photo album on Facebook, I haven’t taken the time to post them on here.

The latest one I did is a succulent wall planter.


Have you seen that tutorial on Pinterest on how to make a mason jar wall organizer? Well I made one of those and decided that I wanted to make mini ones for succulents.

BTW – This was my end product for the regular sized mason jars.


Any who, I decided to make the mini ones for my succulents. I had a hard time finding mini mason jars that I liked, but I came across some in the $1 section at Target.


I ended up finding pebbles at Ikea for $0.99 each and bought the soil from Home Depot.

IMG_6096 IMG_6101

The wood was a little tricky. My friend was purchasing wood at Home Depot and while the worker was cutting it I thought I could use her left over pieces. The only problem was that they weren’t a complete square (they guy tried, but it didn’t come out). I decided to go Michael’s to check out their pre-cut wood and ended up getting 2 square and 2 round pieces. Honestly, I would have preferred using the wood from Home Depot because it felt heavier and more sturdy, however I’m no woodsman and don’t have the material to cut a small piece of wood to make it a square. It worked out in the end because I liked the way the round piece looked.


I added a wood stain and sealed it with Modge Podge after (I’m sure an actual wood sealer would be better). Then I added the ¬†hanging piece on the back.



I’ll most likely write a post on how I screwed the hose clamps to the wood but the only pictures I have doing this is from when I made the mason jar organizer. However…that’s all you’re really doing…screwing the hose clamp onto the wood.

Anyways…then it was time to plant the succulents. I started with the pebbles, added the soil, and then the succulent (with some more soil after).

IMG_6098 IMG_6106

The last step is to screw the hose clamp tight and voila!


Sorry if these aren’t the best instructions, but I never said I was good at writing them up step by step! Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing my other projects as well.