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“Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful.” -Thich Nhat Hanh


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First Lady

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So I’m totally late on posting this…but here’s some photo’s from TheFirstLadyofMade’s birthday earlier in February. We chilled out at a pre-party and then headed to Eve to boogie down for her birthday!

Reg & I with the birthday girl!

Reg aka RRRRĂ©-Heeeee Day.

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Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the WWW (whole wide world), Regina!

She’ll jump with you.


When you leave California, she’ll know you’re getting closer to home.


She’ll be your hoe when you need one.


And send ghetto Christmas cards out with you.


And lets not forget, she’ll come up with random survey’s to see which is better, Pocky or Yan-Yan. (Hello Panda wins).


I would say she’s an awesome friend and person. Happy Birthday Regina! Too bad we aren’t younger cause then we’d be doing this to you…again. Lol

(photo is of Reg’s 21st surprise bday party where we PIED her.)




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This calls for a dance by Freddy Sanchez! Although, this was when we won against the Padres. Lol

Shabu House Sake Bomb Contest

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I haven’t posted in a MONTH! Sorry for the laggin and being MIA. Been super busy at work and lets just say I’ve been preoccupied. Lol

So much to do, so little time…

Excuse Me…

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For being MIA.

Finals are coming up and for some reason this month has been packed. I have something goin on almost every weekend and lately I’ve been working OT at work. Hopefully I can get past these next two weeks!

Be back soon!

Vegas: Day 1

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So I headed to Vegas for MAGIC again. I went to help with Adapt but also to represent a new line coming out (I’ll keep you posted). The night I got in I went out with some of the Breezy, Booger, and Gold Coin boys. We seriously just walked the strip and played beer pong. Yea, I said it. Beer pong in a Vegas casino. Take into consideration that we had no clue where we wanted to go so we walked from MGM all the way to the other side of the strip. Doesn’t seem too far but it SUCKS when you’re wearing heels. At least I got to walk by the new City Center.

Gucci and LV…the only two designer bags I want in my lifetime…for now.

Space @ The Space Station Entrance.

Snowboarding Boots for Sale

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I’m selling a pair of snowboarding boots I got last season. They’ve only been worn twice and are in good condition. I ended up getting a different pair of boots because I needed a half size smaller. Feel free to holla if you’re interested! I also have a Craigslist ad up HERE.

Womens Burton Sapphire Boots

Size 8