Pardon Me…

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While I’m M.I.A.

I’ve been super busy for the past week and a half and I’ve hardly had any time to respond to emails let alone post a blog. I’ve been working OT and have had crazy exams. The next few weeks are going to be crazy too.

This is what happens when you’re not around a computer enough during the day…

Picture 1

For the time being, check out my tire on my car. I’ve also been having some car trouble, but now my tires…


…this is what happened after I tried putting air in my flat tire. :\

Now I’m rollin on my spare until I get my tire fixed on Friday.


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Fullylaced X Adapt

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Adapt has teamed up with Fully Laced to bring you “The Orange and Black Pack”. Rock the shirt w/ the custom laces or rock em’ separately. The collab drops Oct 14th. Check out Fully Laced and Adapt for information on retailers that will be carrying it.



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Atmosphere’s One Year Anniversary

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Friday night I headed out with Abi to Atmosphere’s one year anniversary party. To be honest I was surprised to see a red carpet, spotlights, guys on stilts, and a fat line around the corner at 10pm (I thought we were hella early!). Thanks to Brian, we got to skip the line and head straight in. And why did we go STRAIGHT to the food?! Besides the table full of candy, sushi, and redbull cola, there were balloons everywhere and a couple of dance cages with models…you know, the norm. All in all it was a good night. Especially the pizza we had after. Why was Cable Car Pizza so damn good that night?!












Blackberry Storm 2

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I work in the cell phone industry. I have a Blackberry Storm. I have some customers that LOVE it, while others DESPISE it.

I’ve been pretty patient with mine and have no problems. I’ve thought about going to the Blackberry Tour so that I’d have a physical keyboard again, but I may just wait for the Blackberry Storm 2. It should be coming out SOON but I don’t have an exact date.

Check out this video of the comparison between the two.

Oh and btw, the guy that did the video is hella funny. He also has another video where he shows how fast he can type on the Storm 2.

Okay, here’s another video that describes more of the features.

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I’m So 2000 and Late

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My cousin who lives in Singapore is home for a bit and he busted out this Porsche cell phone at dinner the other night. My first impression was “What the hell’s that?!”. But apparently this baby is made of aluminum and can cost more that $650. Reviews for the phone were done in 2007, therefore I’m definitely 2000 and late, but if you want to see more pictures check out the Porsche Design website.



More pictures HERE from

Dancing Puppet

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Puppet got some moves! Just watch, it gets pretty ridiculous when the puppet is on the floor.

Black Eyed Peas on Oprah

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This was just from a few days ago and it looks like your regular performance, but just watch and see.

SLATE @ Magic

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Sorry for the hiatus. It’s been a crazy ass couple weeks.

I was in Las Vegas for Magic w/ the Adapt crew for a few days and been working since I got back.

But here’s a slight recap of the week.

I worked all day Sunday and went straight to the airport to catch my flight. Right when I got there, met the crew up at the hotel, dropped my luggage off and went downstairs to eat. Tell me why there was a fight in the restaurant?! Dudes almost knocked Evan off his chair and our whole table had to flee. Lol At least the restaurant took care of us.

Ended up at Body English that night w/ Lisa to meet up her friend.


And some how we ended up meeting the Breezy boys!


Monday was the first day of Magic.



Fully Laced//Breezy Excursion





That night we hit up Body English…again.

Adapt x Fully Laced x Mixerfriendly






Evan w/ Mistah Fab//Angela & Jessica


Mike//Brandon & Sarah w/ our new watches from Tokyoflash



By this time I was done and tired. So one final group pic with the Adapt team.


That’s all for now.

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DOPE ASS VIDEO that my friend Brandon posted on Facebook.

1500 hours of moving legobricks and take photos of them.”-rymdreglage (youtube)

I believe that Legos are one of the BEST toys EVER.


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It’s start of a new week. A busy week to be exact. The new semester starts tomorrow…it’s going to be interesting with these budget cuts going on in California. Along with school starting we’re trying to get ready for Magic next week. Busy times.

I just thought I’d post a couple of these videos of this guy that does slam poetry and spoken word. Check him out, he’s dope. And from the Bay.

AND if you wanna know the Bay slang…

Check more of his videos HERE.