The Cutting Edge: Circa 1995

Posted in random by krisyee on February 23, 2010

In the spirit of the Winter Olympics…

and because I just watched the ice dance competition…

I think this routine was to Kiss From A Rose by Seal. LOL

Aaah…there’s more pictures where that came from…hahahah But I’ll be honest, I miss that shit!

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The Holidays

Posted in vacay by krisyee on January 5, 2010

Hope everyone had a good holiday break! Luckily I’m still on break from school because all the holiday festivities wore me out! These are just some pics I took over the holidays.

The MADE ladies.

Out with Abi.

I bought my bro Star Wars Kubrick collectables. Those were kind of expensive for small little figures but I think they’re dope.

Christmas Brunch.

All these presents and majority of them are for these little munchkins…

My little cousin has way too many stuffed animals, my brother can swim in them.

Kris Kringle 2009…Meesh joined in on video chat from Philly and even opened her gift with us!

More pictures to come…

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Posted in random by krisyee on November 11, 2009

LIGHT SABER UMBRELLAS that is!….well not really. They’re technically called Bladerunner umbrellas…but you can make it whatever you’d like! These LED umbrella’s will keep you dry and make it a little more fun walking in the rain. Haha..




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Pardon Me…

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on November 5, 2009

While I’m M.I.A.

I’ve been super busy for the past week and a half and I’ve hardly had any time to respond to emails let alone post a blog. I’ve been working OT and have had crazy exams. The next few weeks are going to be crazy too.

This is what happens when you’re not around a computer enough during the day…

Picture 1

For the time being, check out my tire on my car. I’ve also been having some car trouble, but now my tires…


…this is what happened after I tried putting air in my flat tire. :\

Now I’m rollin on my spare until I get my tire fixed on Friday.


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Asian Poses

Posted in just for kicks, random by krisyee on June 12, 2009

My friend Brian posted this on his facebook.HILARIOUS. Haha

What Asian pose have you done? Lol

okay seo you jin

nyan nyan Seo You Jin2

hwang mi hee v sign

Check them out!

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Day Off

Posted in brands, just for kicks by krisyee on June 10, 2009

Okay, first thing’s first. I went to watch UP in 3d with Reg…

and trust me I didn’t look happy like that after! SADDEST MOVIE EVER!…Okay okay…not the saddest, but DAMN. It had me crying! The last cartoon movie that made me cry was the LION KING! Anyways, go watch it. It’s cute. The little boy definitely HAS to be a fat Asian kid. HAS to be…

So I FINALLY had a day off today. The day after I got back from Hawaii I went back to work and was scheduled six days in a row. FUN. Ugh.

So on my day off I decided to finish putting up a couple DVD racks I’ve been trying to get up for the last month or so.

After I got one up, I headed to Oakland to hit up the Adapt Advancers office. I helped Evan work on a couple things. Then we headed to Oakland Grill for some grub. He was holding my camera for me because we skated over there and I had too many things in my pockets, so I actually don’t have any photos of him. Instead he took photos of me.


Get ready for Adapt.

They recently came out with a collab with Quannum Projects which have artist such as Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, and DJ Shadow. Check out the post on Hypebeast.

This Saturday Adapt will also be releasing their collab tee that was done w/ TRUE. So make sure you check out TRUE! And TRUE East will be holdin down a BBQ this Saturday!

Since I was already in Oakland, I stopped by Emeryville to meet up with my friend Arthur. He transferred stores and works over there now so we just grabbed some food while we played catch up. 🙂


He didn’t want to be photographed. Too bad.

That my friends was one of my days off…back to work tomorrow. 😦

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Posted in random by krisyee on March 18, 2009

Ok, I think I’m officially moved to WordPress. I’m still learning how to use it but I think I’m getting the jist of it. Took me a damn month! Any tips or suggestions, let me know!

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