Hawaii: Augs & Zye’s Wedding

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Last month I headed to Hawaii for Augs & Zye’s wedding. Since it was finally legal for them to get married in California, they had a civil ceremony at City Hall the week before their big wedding in Oahu. I had an awesome time and it felt so good to be with all of my friends in one place.  We don’t go out as much and everyone has been busy doing their own thing. I haven’t posted anything about the trip because I’m working on something that pretty much sums up their amazing wedding(s). Until then, here’s a glimpse of my trip.

I was happy that the boyfriend was there. It was my first time having a date to a wedding! I don’t always have time off with him so spending a day together let a lone a trip is precious to me. So first thing first…the beach! Actually I lie…first thing was Zippy’s.

The brides and part of the bridal party met up for some quality beach time.

Our awesome bridal party gifts! Personalized flask full of Jameson.

Wedding day.





This next picture was taken by Karl. Definitely a beautiful photo. It’s not everyday you get to see a wedding with two beautiful brides in gorgeous wedding gowns.

The next three photos were taken by yours truly. They were taken on my iPhone so they aren’t the greatest, but I still think they captured an incredible moment.


And my favorite…

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New Orleans

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A week ago I got back from a bachelorette party that was held in New Orleans (I learned that it’s pronounced Or-LINS, not Or-LEANS). It was my first time there and to be quite honest I wasn’t sure what to expect. Besides the humidity, and bachelorette debauchery, it was definitely an inspiring trip. We stayed in The French Quarter and were literally a block and a half away from Bourbon street. The buildings and architecture were beautiful and the streets were full of art and music. There were some downsides, like pick pocketers, but our trip was still amazing and the food was delicious too. One thing I miss…the frozen coffee from Cafe Du Monde. Yuuuum.

Sorry, most of my pictures are rated G, so you won’t be seeing any rated R or PG-13 photos here! Haha



IMG_5526IMG_5615A random man handed me balloons. So of course I had to take photos with it. As you can see I took advantage of the beautiful doors, doorways, and gates. After we took the photos I gave the balloons to a family that had a few young kids.

IMG_5675 IMG_5678 IMG_5681 IMG_5692

LDW: LA Edition w/ The Dutty Crew

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I usually work on Labor Day Weekend but this year I headed to LA with my girl Trae. We were planning on a chill trip but we ended up with some random surprises!

The first thing we did was head over to Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s over on Pico. DELICIOUS ASS TACOS. Each taco comes with Sky’s Sassy Sauce which is probably what makes them so special. I ordered both the steak and lobster taco. Yes, I said lobster.

After stuffing our faces we headed over to visit our friends little brother/cousin (all of our friends are cousins or bro/sis). He’s finishing his last year over at USC and we happened to visit him on a game day. He wanted to take us on campus to experience USC tailgating. It was packed and definitely an experience considering Trae and I didn’t go to a school that was big on sports.

We even got in the fountain! Why is it so the water so milky? We have no clue…

The tailgating took it’s toll so we headed over to Sugar Fish by our hotel in downtown LA. The restaurant only serves sushi so both Trae and myself ordered the Trust Me/Lite which consisted of tuna sashimi, albacore, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp. I hardly order sushi with raw fish but it was SO good here. I would definitely go back if I’m in downtown LA again.

To continue the festivities of the USC game, we had a couple bottles of unfiltered (nigori) sake. I’ve had nigori before but it was the first time my friends have tried it. If you’ve never had it, it looks a little more cloudy and is sweeter than regular sake.

Later that night our friends spontaneously decided to drive down to LA to meet us! When we woke up the next morning there were about 10 people in our little room!

That’s when the chaos began. We headed over to The Do Over at Lure nightclub in Hollywood. Because there were so many of us and the line gets pretty long so we ended up getting bottle service. And I have to say, the tacos they serve there are HELLA good. I had them last time and they were just as good!

The night ended early for most of us which gave us time to rest up for the next morning. After checking out of the hotel we headed over to Roscoe’s for some chicken and waffles. Of course we needed dessert after so we drove over to Milk for some ice cream sandwiches. I had this the last time I was in LA with Reg and Eva, but I was so drunk from The Do Over that I didn’t even go inside. I had a bite and knew it was delicious though. So it was a must to come back to taste it when sober!

Unfortunately they were out of the watermelon ice cream sandwich so I settled for a rocky road. The marshmellows  were surprisingly soft. Usually marshmellows in ice cream is some what hard.

The rest of the day was chill and we headed home later that day. Thanks to our friends that drove down to meet us! Random trips are always the best!



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I haven’t been the best blogger lately, but I’ve been busy with summer school and work. I haven’t even finished reading The Hunger Games trilogy that I started back in March!

Now that summer school is over, I went on a mini vacation to Disneyland with the boyfriend! Unfortunately we decided to choose a weekend where there was a heatwave so it was almost 100 degrees out there. HOT.

We headed to Disney’s California Adventure on Friday. I never really felt the need to go there, but it was fun. I probably won’t go back unless I get the hopper pass though. The Hollywood Tower of Terror was pretty fun as well as the California Screamin’ rollercoaster. Cars Land was so crowded with a 2 hour wait for the Radiator Springs Racer ride. But it was pretty cool feeling like you were actually in Radiator Springs!

Any ride where you shoot is fun.

The boyfriend’s friend picked us up that night to bring us to this donut place called M&M’s. We waited 2 hours for these blueberry donuts. 2 HOURS. They were good and all…just not sure if it was worth the wait. Lol

Disneyland always makes me feel like a kid. We had more fun here considering we knew what rides we wanted to hit up. Indina Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Star Tours, and the Matterhorn are a must!

Since Pirates of the Caribbean was my favorite ride as a kid, and the boyfriend’s as well, we decided to eat at the restaurant that overlooks the ride. The restaurant, Blue Bayou, has a nighttime outdoor setting even though it’s indoors. I ordered salmon with goat cheese and instead of choosing salad as my side I ordered the chicken gumbo which was delicious. Sorry, no food pics though.

What we ended up buying in one of the shops…I’m missing R2D2 and Darth Vader!

Don’t mind my crappy photo quality. My front facing camera sucks. And he wouldn’t wear Mickey ears. 😦

Hint: if the ride stops, you can still accumulate points if you continue shooting…especially when you shoot the same target over and over again. :X

Fantasmic!! My favorite…

The next day the boyfriend’s friend took us to a waffle sandwich place called Bruxie. Deeeeelicious. I ordered the friend chicken sandwich (naturally). The boyfriend ordered a salmon sandwich and his friend ordered the a special, a pulled pork sandwich.

And yes…there is syrup on the chicken.

That pretty much sums up Disneyland. Now back to reality.

Vacay: NYC

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My Christmas present from the boyfriend finally arrived! Last weekend we took our trip to NYC. The last time I was there was back in 2006 where I roamed the streets by myself and only stayed for one night. Since the boyfriend’s friend lives over there, we were fortunate enough to have her bring us around to great food places and bars. And of course we had to watch the NFL playoffs.

We arrived early Friday morning, took a nap and woke up on time to head down to Chinatown for lunch. It was my first time at Joe’s Shanghai and for me, the soup dumplings were delicious.

After lunch we headed down to The Met. Four hours there and I still didn’t walk around the whole museum.

The Buddha of medicine.

Details. All about the details.


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High 5’s & Apple Pies

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So back to our trip to Seattle/Tacoma…we flew in early Saturday morning and checked in early at the hotel. Then we headed to a restaurant called China Star. Pat’s girlfriend’s family owns the restaurant and so they held his graduation lunch there.

Our view from our patio of our hotel room.

Pat’s girlfriend Jenny brought us to a flight simulator! I probably had the most fun here. Haha The machine actually moves like you’re in a plane and when you walk inside it’s like you’re in the cockpit. The windows are a big screen so you can set what airport you’re flying out of. Ours was set to SFO of course.

Reg and I! We took turns on flying.

About to take off!

I’m flying over San Francisco.

After that we headed to Seattle to drop some people off at the Space Needle.

Then we headed to High 5 Pie. Reg is a foodie and found this place online. They’re known for their various kinds of pies; pies in a jar, “cutie pie”, lollipop pies…I didn’t really take any photos of the pies…because we ended up eating them…but Reg might have some pics on her blog. It was SO delicious. Reg ordered a peanut butter & chocolate pie that was seriously one of the best tasting pies I have ever had. Besides my apple cutie pie and lollipop pie, I ordered a chocolate cream pie that was pretty good. It wasn’t too heavy like most chocolate pies are. But it was still filling with chocolate delight! Like I said, I didn’t get pictures of the place or all their pies, but I loved the way the place looked. It has that vintage 1950’s look to it with vintage looking appliances.

After that we headed to Paseo. Reg really wanted to try the pulled pork sandwiches which is what they’re known for, but unfortunately they were sold out and we ended up getting a regular rice place dish. I got the chicken which was good but a little dry.

After that we met everyone else up at the Underworld Tour. Something I didn’t know about Seattle, it’s pretty much built on top of another city. So the photos I have are actually underground where there were once buildings and streets. The tour was pretty funny because it was vulgar and talks a lot about whores and prostitutes but at the same time it was interesting.

To see the pics continue reading!  (more…)

Congrats PaToy!

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This past weekend I headed up to Seattle/Tacoma with Reg for our friend Pat’s graduation. He’s been up there for the past couple of years getting a doctorate in physical therapy at University of Puget Sound. Congrats PaToy! I wish you the best on your new job and new chapter of your life!

*Separate post to come about what else we did in Seattle*

LA LA Land.

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Last weekend I headed to LA for a weekend getaway with some of the girls. It was a short trip so we didn’t get to do much, but we got to hang out with friends that we haven’t seen in awhile. Our friend Tello chilled with us on Saturday, and although he was home in The Bay the weekend before, it was nice to hang out with him down in LA. My girl Muri had never been anywhere in LA so we brought her to The Grove and Beverly Center. Our friend Rich also came to hang out for a bit!

After The Grove and The Beverly Center we stopped by Fairfax for the regular streetwear shops. Rich suggested Village Idiot for drinks and dinner so we headed there for some good beer and food. We headed back to the Omni Hotel downtown to get ready to hit up Hollywood. And btw, there were some Giants fans at our hotel. I think we won Saturday because we were all in LA…lol

We headed to My Studio on Hollywood Boulevard. It was a crazy fun night. So fun that I didn’t even leave our table or dance on the actual dance floor. Lol…it was crackin though..

My friend Jeff came out to party…I haven’t seen him since high school!

With Tello and Rich…thanks for hanging out with us guys!

The next morning we hit up Roscoe’s…you know me and fried chicken…it’s a must.

Muri’s bro and Augs’ cousin came by to eat with us!

All and all it was a nice little getaway. Next time I’ll be sure to stay longer so I can visit more people!

Weekend Getaway: San Diego

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This past weekend I headed down to San Diego for some relaxation and chill time. The night we got in we just bar hopped in the Gaslamp district. The next morning I wanted to bring the boyfriend to Hash House A  Go Go because it’s just SO delicious. But we got there late and the line was long so we decided to try the sister restaurant down the street called The Tractor Room. While waiting for our table the boyfriend noticed a guy standing outside with us and decided to ask him what’s good to order. Little did we know it was one of the owners of Hash House and The Tractor Room. We decided to try some of the entrees he suggested, and all I can say is SOOO DELICIOUS.

I decided to try the kiwi watermelon lemonade. It was pretty refreshing.

I had the nutmeg french toast which may sound like your regular french toast, but it was pretty damn good and I couldn’t even finish the whole thing.

The boyfriend tried the sage fried chicken benedict. This was SO good that we almost went back the next day to eat the same thing! Biscuits, spinach, bacon, tomatoes, fried chicken, mozzarella, scramble eggs, and chipotle cream…UGH SO YUUUUUUMMY!!!!!

To show you how big the portions are…

The boyfriend ate the whole thing…including the rest of my portion of it.

*Thanks to Andy for recommending some delicious entrees ,buying my drink, and giving us ideas of places to visit! I hope you and Johnny open a Hash House or Tractor room in SF!

Check out more of my trip…


The Holidays

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Hope everyone had a good holiday break! Luckily I’m still on break from school because all the holiday festivities wore me out! These are just some pics I took over the holidays.

The MADE ladies.

Out with Abi.

I bought my bro Star Wars Kubrick collectables. Those were kind of expensive for small little figures but I think they’re dope.

Christmas Brunch.

All these presents and majority of them are for these little munchkins…

My little cousin has way too many stuffed animals, my brother can swim in them.

Kris Kringle 2009…Meesh joined in on video chat from Philly and even opened her gift with us!

More pictures to come…

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