High 5’s & Apple Pies

Posted in food, fun, vacay by krisyee on May 17, 2011

So back to our trip to Seattle/Tacoma…we flew in early Saturday morning and checked in early at the hotel. Then we headed to a restaurant called China Star. Pat’s girlfriend’s family owns the restaurant and so they held his graduation lunch there.

Our view from our patio of our hotel room.

Pat’s girlfriend Jenny brought us to a flight simulator! I probably had the most fun here. Haha The machine actually moves like you’re in a plane and when you walk inside it’s like you’re in the cockpit. The windows are a big screen so you can set what airport you’re flying out of. Ours was set to SFO of course.

Reg and I! We took turns on flying.

About to take off!

I’m flying over San Francisco.

After that we headed to Seattle to drop some people off at the Space Needle.

Then we headed to High 5 Pie. Reg is a foodie and found this place online. They’re known for their various kinds of pies; pies in a jar, “cutie pie”, lollipop pies…I didn’t really take any photos of the pies…because we ended up eating them…but Reg might have some pics on her blog. It was SO delicious. Reg ordered a peanut butter & chocolate pie that was seriously one of the best tasting pies I have ever had. Besides my apple cutie pie and lollipop pie, I ordered a chocolate cream pie that was pretty good. It wasn’t too heavy like most chocolate pies are. But it was still filling with chocolate delight! Like I said, I didn’t get pictures of the place or all their pies, but I loved the way the place looked. It has that vintage 1950’s look to it with vintage looking appliances.

After that we headed to Paseo. Reg really wanted to try the pulled pork sandwiches which is what they’re known for, but unfortunately they were sold out and we ended up getting a regular rice place dish. I got the chicken which was good but a little dry.

After that we met everyone else up at the Underworld Tour. Something I didn’t know about Seattle, it’s pretty much built on top of another city. So the photos I have are actually underground where there were once buildings and streets. The tour was pretty funny because it was vulgar and talks a lot about whores and prostitutes but at the same time it was interesting.

To see the pics continue reading! 

Then the night began and we went out to Ibiza for a couple drinks. Reg and I were of course drunk and everyone else went home after the first club while Pat and Jenny brought us to Copper Cart to meet up with their other friends. I really liked Copper Cart. The crowd reminded me of home and the music was good too. I was surprised to hear them play E-40 but it didn’t stop Reg and I from getting a little hyphy. Haha

The next morning we went to Pat’s graduation. Afterwards we headed to dinner at a Korean BBQ joint and then we headed back to the airport to head home.

We did a lot in the two days and one night that we were there! Next time I head up I hope to stay longer so I can see more of Seattle.


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