Karmin-Look At Me Now LIVE w/ The Roots

Posted in jams by krisyee on May 9, 2011

You saw their cover of “Look at Me Now” on YouTube. And you saw how she was rappin Busta’s part. Now see them live with The Roots!

Thanks T.Phu for sharing this!

My Pacman Weekend

Posted in food, fun, SF by krisyee on May 9, 2011

While half of the Bay Area was in Vegas for the Pacquiao fight, I had a chill weekend with the homies from Philly and a taste of my past.

Meesh and Portia were home visiting from Philly so we brought them to our old stomping ground at a Mediterranean Restaurant called Pride of the Mediterranean on Fillmore. To be honest, I don’t usually order food there. If anything I’ll order fries (so typical of me). But if you wanna chill with some hot tea and hookah it’s definitely a good place to go. Make sure the owner, Sharky, helps you out. He’s a really cool guy and always takes care of his customers.

The next day I spent the afternoon in Chinatown. I headed for the Cameron House Carnival. Cameron House was originally a missionary for Asian women during the late 1870’s. For years now they’ve held summer day camps, youth groups and many other programs to help the community. My parents used to go to Cameron House and before my freshman year of high school they forced me to spend the summer as a day camp leader. I hated the idea of it but once I started going I grew to love it. I got to meet a ton of great people, including some that I’m still in touch with, and I give all the credit to Cameron House for teaching me ¬†how to get around in the city (I lived in the suburbs at the time). Every year Cameron House throws a carnival to raise money for day camps and youth groups and since I didn’t go the last few years I decided I should go. I definitely felt old. Majority of “my kids” (the ones that I was a leader for, meaning they were anywhere from 1st-8th grade at the time) are in college or have already finished college. But it was good seeing some familiar faces. Btw, have you ever watched The Pursuit of Happyness? I believe the basketball scene was filmed on the upper deck basketball court there (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was).

The homie AJ was in the dunk booth. Haha

Later that night, after getting chicken wings and my favorite chow fun from Chinatown, I headed to Augs’ place to bbq and watch the Pacquiao fight. The homeboys were in Vegas and so the girls (+ Fern) decided to bbq.

Now meet the dogs.


Jameson with his floppy ear.


Augs gave Tubbs a spare rib bone to chew on…he decided I needed a bone in my crotch. If you don’t get it…don’t ask.

Now off I go with a busy week ahead of me!