Don Jon aka JGL

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So I went to a special screening of Don Jon, a movie written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now for those of you that don’t know me, I am a JGL fan. I had always thought he was cute in 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, but it was his style in 500 Days of Summer that made me swoon (I feel like I use that word whenever I talk about him). Anyways, my sister had told me about the screening and so I immediately hopped on a couple passes and asked the boyfriend to come with. I had found out JGL was at the Twitter offices today and was hoping he would show up at the screening. And because he’s awesome, he did! Unfortunately I was kind of far while my sister, brother in law, and a couple of friends were in the front row! But it’s okay…I can now say I was in the same room as him.


Photo Friday: Adapt

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Usually my first post of the year is about my reflection on the previous year. I’ll eventually get to it…probably later today. But for now, here are some photos I took for an Adapt shoot that I have been trying to get done. Unfortunately this was the only shoot I did because the holidays were so busy. Hopefully there will be more to come. I decided to use my older Minolta SRT101 instead of my newer Pentax. For some reason I feel like my photos come out better on my Minolta.

Abi was able to take some time to help me shoot this while she was home visiting and she got her friend John to help out as well. Thanks guys!


adapt8 adapt2 adapt17 adapt16


Adapt3 Adapt4 Adapt5 Adapt6 Adapt7 Adapt8 Adapt9


P-Funk The King – Farewell Music Video

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The homie P-Funk has a new music video for his song “Farewell” off of his newest mixtape called Everybody Gotta Eat. Make sure you check it out and get the rest of his mixtapes HERE.

My Pacman Weekend

Posted in food, fun, SF by krisyee on May 9, 2011

While half of the Bay Area was in Vegas for the Pacquiao fight, I had a chill weekend with the homies from Philly and a taste of my past.

Meesh and Portia were home visiting from Philly so we brought them to our old stomping ground at a Mediterranean Restaurant called Pride of the Mediterranean on Fillmore. To be honest, I don’t usually order food there. If anything I’ll order fries (so typical of me). But if you wanna chill with some hot tea and hookah it’s definitely a good place to go. Make sure the owner, Sharky, helps you out. He’s a really cool guy and always takes care of his customers.

The next day I spent the afternoon in Chinatown. I headed for the Cameron House Carnival. Cameron House was originally a missionary for Asian women during the late 1870’s. For years now they’ve held summer day camps, youth groups and many other programs to help the community. My parents used to go to Cameron House and before my freshman year of high school they forced me to spend the summer as a day camp leader. I hated the idea of it but once I started going I grew to love it. I got to meet a ton of great people, including some that I’m still in touch with, and I give all the credit to Cameron House for teaching me  how to get around in the city (I lived in the suburbs at the time). Every year Cameron House throws a carnival to raise money for day camps and youth groups and since I didn’t go the last few years I decided I should go. I definitely felt old. Majority of “my kids” (the ones that I was a leader for, meaning they were anywhere from 1st-8th grade at the time) are in college or have already finished college. But it was good seeing some familiar faces. Btw, have you ever watched The Pursuit of Happyness? I believe the basketball scene was filmed on the upper deck basketball court there (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was).

The homie AJ was in the dunk booth. Haha

Later that night, after getting chicken wings and my favorite chow fun from Chinatown, I headed to Augs’ place to bbq and watch the Pacquiao fight. The homeboys were in Vegas and so the girls (+ Fern) decided to bbq.

Now meet the dogs.


Jameson with his floppy ear.


Augs gave Tubbs a spare rib bone to chew on…he decided I needed a bone in my crotch. If you don’t get it…don’t ask.

Now off I go with a busy week ahead of me!

Outside Lands 2011 Lineup

Posted in events, SF by krisyee on April 12, 2011

Every year San Francisco has a 3 day music and arts festival in Golden Gate Park called Outside Lands. I’ll admit that I’ve never gone, but living across the street from the park allowed me to hear the music, see a ton of people going to the festival, and enjoy hearing the crowd scream for various artists performing. Past events included bands and artists such as Kings of Leon, Chromeo, The Strokes, Incubus, Daves Matthews Band, M.I.A, Black Eyed Peas, Beastie Boys, and more. How do I know this since I’ve never been? I’ve been wanting to go for the past 2 years but I always decided too late and couldn’t get the days off. This year, I’m on it and Outside Lands has released the lineup for this August!

I believe the 3-day passes go on sale this Thursday April 14th at 12pm PST and I think tickets for single days will be at a later time. We’ll have to find out on Thursday!

Das Boot!

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Last Saturday my friend Melissa and I stopped by Suppenküche, a German restaurant, for Black Out Bob aka Jae’s birthday. We had to be in San Jose that night so we didn’t really get to order anything off the menu. But we did get to drink out of a huge glass boot! The boys of course started off with what I believe was a big 3 liter glass. Not sure on the size but they’re so big you have to hold them with two hands and pass it around the table so that everyone can drink from it.

We did however get to taste the potato pancakes which were tasty. The boys ordered things from breaded wiener schnitzel’s to meatloaf and the food looked delicious. You know we had to have a little taste of their food! It’s definitely good and I can’t wait to go back to have a full meal there…along with a das boot!


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I went to eat lunch with my friend Kim yesterday. We headed down the street from my apartment to eat. While walking back to the car we stopped by a corner store named Wishbone. I’ve always seen this place but I’ve never actually walked in. They have cute things from bags, jewelry and umbrellas to books and greeting cards. It’s one of those stores you can go into not looking for anything and walk out with some goodies. Kim and I saw these keychains and couldn’t help but think of our friends…so we got them all! Lol Guess which one I am!

I also bought this dope owl ring.

So if you’re ever in the Sunset District of San Francisco, make sure you check this little store out. You can see what kind of odds & ends they have by visiting their website!

Happy.Thank you.More Please.

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First off let me just say that I didn’t mean to sound down or depressed in my “It’s My Fault I’m Single” post. I was just saying. Once in awhile certain things just make you THINK. It probably didn’t help that I was having Vegas withdrawals, which my friend made me realize that being in Vegas can sometimes seem like a fantasy. Especially when you’ve had alcohol in your system. So adjusting back to reality is why I’ve been going crazy the last week. Haha But in the end I’m fine being single…for now. Haha Plus it gives me more time for ME.

ANYWAYS…this past Friday I went out to the movies with Reg and Arthur. Reg and I were browsing to see what movies were out and Reg, being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, turned me onto the movie Happythankyoumoreplease (yes that’s the movie title. just like that). It’s an indie film that was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival last year and was written, directed and starred Josh Radnor (an actor from How I Met Your Mother). We decided to watch it and Arthur met us up at the theater.

I honestly LOVED this movie. Definitely a movie that I think some people can relate to. If you have the time I suggest checking it out. It’s only playing at the Landmark theater in the Embarcadero in the city.

After the movie we hit up a sushi restaurant downtown. I totally forgot the name of the restaurant. But it was pretty good.

The next night I was out with Rach @ The Tipsy Pig & Circa. The Marina gets more interesting every time I go. Lol New Hearts were put up in San Francisco…I really liked this one. Sorry for the horrible photos.

NLCS Game 3

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My homie Karl had extra tickets to the Giants game yesterday, so I headed out with Abi to cheer on our boys!

We ran into Crystal!

7th inning stretch with Zooey Deschanel singing!

Heeeeey Andres…


And the last pitch of the game by Wilson for a double play!

Ross the BOSS!

And the most clever…WILSON. FEAR THE BEARD!


Giants vs. Cardinals

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I’ve had a crazy weekend and it all started off at the Giants game Friday night. I’ve never been to a game so early and seen so many people there! I guess that’s what happens when they’re giving out free SF Giants snuggies. But all in all it was a good game. Sold out and the Giants won!

It’s a must to get garlic fries.

Behind home plate.

Got to see Lincecum pitch.

Stay tuned for the rest of my weekend. From SF>SD>LV.