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This past Friday I headed to The Shoreline Amphitheater for the Honda Civic Tour featuring Incubus and Linkin Park. I bought tickets for the boyfriends birthday, which was a couple of weeks ago, and was trying to surprise him until he said he was going to try to buy tickets. FAIL. But the surprise lasted pretty long considering I bought the tickets back in June. Anyways, the seats I got were pretty good and right in the middle of the row. The boyfriend had never seen Incubus in concert and I had never seen Linkin Park, so you can imagine how stoked we were. And yes, I just said stoked. I really wanted Incubus to play “I Miss You”, but instead they did a great version of “Promises, Promises” which I got on video. They also did a cover of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” which definitely surprised everyone. Linkin Park was amazing AMAZE BALLS and I felt like I should have been jumping around going crazy, which I totally would have done if 1) I was drunk and 2) maybe if I had lawn seats, but it was a packed house and there wasn’t much space around our seats. Linkin Park was awesome and my throat was hurting by the end of the night. I don’t understand how Chester can scream/sing like that all the time, but DAMN he’s good. AWESOME SHOW!

Sorry for the small videos!


Coachella Day 3.

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The third day of Coachella was probably one of the best days. The weather was great and because it was the last day we had to live it up!

Tello and I  headed there early since he wanted to see Band of Skulls. Since you can hear everything from the main stage at the beer garden, we decided to chill there and grab some drinks while we waited for the other car of people to get there. By the time they got there Santigold was up.

Whitney and Sarah! And “the other guy”, aka Thomas, in the background. Haha

Whitney and JC.

John and Sarah.

Met up the boyfriend and his friends. By the last day the full bar ran out of Jameson. Jager bombs had to do.

Ran into the lovely Jasmin! If you live in the bay and need birthday cakes or cupcakes, hit her up at The Flour Girls!

Walking with Jenn and Whitney.

Mr. Handsome. 🙂

Whitney had some paint and John wanted a stick figure on his chest…Lol But his doppelganger is in the background. Haha

The Weeknd during sunset. Baby making music.

My one photo of Justice.

Whitney was going at it with the paint. I think I was just standing there and she came up and put two lines of paint on my face. Lol

BTW, Tello’s friends are awesome. Had a great weekend with them!

Snoop! We were kind of far for this. I’ll be honest. I lost track of time and was too into the hot link I was eating. By the time I was done we heard the music start. It was still awesome watching Snoop, Dre, Kurupt, Eminem, and 50. Can’t forget the resurrection of Tupac. Which btw, when you’re far like we were…we couldn’t tell if someone was acting as Pac or what the hell it was. Although I had heard rumors or a hologram before the show, it was still kind of weird and we didn’t know how to feel about it. Lol

I had an awesome time and although I’m currently sick, it was well worth it! Until next year Coachella. I’m definitely coming back.


Coachella Day 2.

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It was nice and sunny the second day of Coachella. I was happy it cleared up! But for some odd reason I ended up wearing pants that day. Maybe because I was scared it was going to be hella cold at night.

First of the day on our list…Childish Gambino.

Apparently there’s a video on YouTube of a guy climbing this bamboo thing…and then falling off. I’m too chicken shit to watch it though.

Sebastian Ingrosso.

And David Guetta.

Ferris wheel time!

And Radiohead.


Coachella Day 1.

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If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter then you know I headed to Coachella this past weekend. Sorry if I flooded your timelines with photos! It was my first time going and although my original plans, along with my second set of plans, didn’t work out I still had a great fucking time. I took a ton of pictures and because of that I’m going to have a post for each day I was there. The festival started on Friday but I flew down to LA on Thursday to meet up my friend Mike. His friends rented a condo for Coachella so we headed down to Palm Desert to meet them. Weather forecasts predicted rain on Friday but luckily it wasn’t pouring. We had some sprinkles here and there, but nothing too major. It was definitely cold by the end of the night though.

Hello Tello.

Ran into Daniel!

Neon Indian.

Ran into Peter.

Yea. That happened.


Continue reading for more photos from Frank Ocean, The Black Keys, and Swedish House Mafia.


Another Week…

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On repeat…

P-Funk The King – Farewell Music Video

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The homie P-Funk has a new music video for his song “Farewell” off of his newest mixtape called Everybody Gotta Eat. Make sure you check it out and get the rest of his mixtapes HERE.

Gym Time Playlist

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So in the past I’ve posted my sexy time playlist and my sleepy time playlist. Now it’s time for my gym time playlist. I swear I’ve gone to the gym more this year than I have in the past three years and I’m glad to say that I FINALLY got into the routine of it. I think I have physical therapy to thank. Once I stopped going, my knee started hurting again so it forced me to workout on my own. Now usually I’d workout to alternative music, mainly Linkin Park…the Meteora album. But lately I’ve been dipping into what I like to call “Vegas” music. It gets me going on the elliptical. But one genre of music that  you might not think of listening to at the gym is reggae, especially dancehall reggae. It sounds kind of weird, but when I listen to it at the gym I imagine music videos. And then I think about how the girls usually look really sexy dancing to reggae and then it pushes me to want to look like that. WEIRD, I know. LOL But here are some songs that I personally listen to at the gym.



  • Any Linkin Park album.


“Vegas” Music *Note: Some of these songs aren’t songs I’d normally listen to.

  • MIXTAPE 2010-DJ Sid Vicious (Perfect mix to workout to, especially during cardio. Even has hiphop in the middle of the mix. You can dl it here.)
  • Shred Mix Volume 1-DJ Lady Sha (My girls at Mahfia teamed up with DJ Lady Sha for this mix. Definitely something I’ll be using when I’m snowboarding, but until then I like working out to it. Dl it here)
  • Till The World Ends-Britney Spears
  • Stereo Love-Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina
  • Tonight-Enrique Iglesias ft. Ludacris
  • Blow-Ke$ha
  • Give Me Everything-Ne-yo ft. Pitbull
  • Dynamite-Taio Cruz
  • OMG-Usher ft. Will.I.Am
  • DJ Got Us Falling in Love Again-Usher ft. Pitbull
  • Back Seat-New Boyz ft. the Cataracs & Dev
  • Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO
  • Hey Baby-Pitbull ft. T-Pain
  • The Time-Black Eyed Peas
  • We No Speak Americano-Yolanda Be Cool



  • Give It Up To Me-Sean Paul ft. Keisha Cole
  • Tempted to Touch-Rupee
  • Nuttin No Go So-Notch
  • Heads High-Mr. Vegas
  • Dat Sexy Body-Sasha ft. Sean Paul
  • Like Glue-Sean Paul
  • Murder She Wrote-Chaka Demus ft. Pliers
  • Everyone Falls in Love Sometime-Tantro Metro ft. Devonte
  • No Letting Go-Wayne Wonder
  • Lets Do It Again-J. Boog
  • Man Down-Rihanna
  • No Game-Serani
  • Turn Me On-Kevin Lyttle
  • Hold Ya-Gyptian ft. Nicki Minaj
  • Love is Wicked-Brick & Lace


I know sometimes the songs change depending on your mood and what’s going on in your life, but what songs do you listen to when you work out?


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Am I the only one that thinks these lyrics are fucked up? Lol The chorus at least? It’s like when you’re at the club and they turn on the lights…”lights are on, everyone’s ugly!”.  I seriously started laughing when I heard this in the car last night. Not saying the beat is whack or anything. It’s kind of catchy…but really? It’s like basically saying you want to put a paper bag over a girls head. Lol Even one of my boy’s asked what girl would like this song. And I’m sorry Chris Brown…you ain’t Sisqo with that hairdo.

Washed Out.

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I love this album cover from Washed Out.

Check out one of the songs from the new album here.

Novacane Video

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