LDW: LA Edition w/ The Dutty Crew

Posted in food, fun, vacay by krisyee on September 6, 2012

I usually work on Labor Day Weekend but this year I headed to LA with my girl Trae. We were planning on a chill trip but we ended up with some random surprises!

The first thing we did was head over to Sky’s Gourmet Taco’s over on Pico. DELICIOUS ASS TACOS. Each taco comes with Sky’s Sassy Sauce which is probably what makes them so special. I ordered both the steak and lobster taco. Yes, I said lobster.

After stuffing our faces we headed over to visit our friends little brother/cousin (all of our friends are cousins or bro/sis). He’s finishing his last year over at USC and we happened to visit him on a game day. He wanted to take us on campus to experience USC tailgating. It was packed and definitely an experience considering Trae and I didn’t go to a school that was big on sports.

We even got in the fountain! Why is it so the water so milky? We have no clue…

The tailgating took it’s toll so we headed over to Sugar Fish by our hotel in downtown LA. The restaurant only serves sushi so both Trae and myself ordered the Trust Me/Lite which consisted of tuna sashimi, albacore, salmon, yellowtail and shrimp. I hardly order sushi with raw fish but it was SO good here. I would definitely go back if I’m in downtown LA again.

To continue the festivities of the USC game, we had a couple bottles of unfiltered (nigori) sake. I’ve had nigori before but it was the first time my friends have tried it. If you’ve never had it, it looks a little more cloudy and is sweeter than regular sake.

Later that night our friends spontaneously decided to drive down to LA to meet us! When we woke up the next morning there were about 10 people in our little room!

That’s when the chaos began. We headed over to The Do Over at Lure nightclub in Hollywood. Because there were so many of us and the line gets pretty long so we ended up getting bottle service. And I have to say, the tacos they serve there are HELLA good. I had them last time and they were just as good!

The night ended early for most of us which gave us time to rest up for the next morning. After checking out of the hotel we headed over to Roscoe’s for some chicken and waffles. Of course we needed dessert after so we drove over to Milk for some ice cream sandwiches. I had this the last time I was in LA with Reg and Eva, but I was so drunk from The Do Over that I didn’t even go inside. I had a bite and knew it was delicious though. So it was a must to come back to taste it when sober!

Unfortunately they were out of the watermelon ice cream sandwich so I settled for a rocky road. The marshmellows  were surprisingly soft. Usually marshmellows in ice cream is some what hard.

The rest of the day was chill and we headed home later that day. Thanks to our friends that drove down to meet us! Random trips are always the best!



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