Cherry Blossom Festival!

Posted in events, food, fun, SF by krisyee on April 13, 2010

Woohoo! It’s time for the Cherry Blossom Festival in J-town! Sake bombs and yummy food…here I come! Catch me there this Saturday next to the beer, food, and sake!

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Posted in food by krisyee on March 8, 2010

Got my nutrition bars in! Of course I had to name them YeeBar…lol But they’re pretty damn good!

You can create your own bars at

Thanks again to Eugene for hooking me up!

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Dine About Town 2010

Posted in food, SF by krisyee on January 9, 2010

Just like last year, it’s about that time to get your grub on! Dine About Town is on it’s way! From January 15th-31st you have the chance to try over 100 restaurants in San Francisco for only $35 for a three course dinner and $18 for a two course lunch. With prefixed menus, it gives you an opportunity to try high end restaurants for a lower price. Perfect time to go on dates!

It used to be a month long event, but within the last year or two they made it a two week event in January and again in June. OpenTable is now taking reservations, so make sure you get yours!

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WTFun for Funds Part 2

Posted in events, food, fun by krisyee on October 21, 2009

And the rest of the pictures from the fundraiser!

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WTFun for Funds Recap Part 1

Posted in events, food, fun by krisyee on October 20, 2009

Saturday was a BLAST. The WTFun for Funds fundraiser was a success! Thanks to all that helped out and donated! Rach and Abi are THANKFUL for ALL of you!

I’m about to fall asleep and I only got half of the pictures up, so here’s the first half of Saturday night!


















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Cha Cha Chas

Posted in food by krisyee on September 30, 2009

I was watching Man vs. Food and I started getting hungry. Then I realized I had pictures from Cha Cha Chas. I loooove this place…tapas and sangria! If you’re ever in San Francisco make sure you stop by one of the two locations!

Fried Calamari


Cajun Shrimp…one of my absolute favorites. It’s a must to take your bread and dip it in the sauce. One time my friends and I just asked for the sauce. It’s that good!


Ceviche Del Dia


My plate…it’s just the start.



Black Mussels


Fried New Potatoes


Make sure you also get the fried plantanos maduros and the sauteed mushrooms.

The entrees are good too!



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A Tuesday

Posted in food by krisyee on September 12, 2009

Tuesday was my first real day off. Day off from work and a furlough day at school. So Reg and I decided to grab some sandwich’s and eat it at Golden Gate Park. If you haven’t had a hot pastrami sandwich from Submarine Center in Westportal I suggest you try it. People used to skip class in high school to go to eat it. I loooove these sandwiches.



After our delicious sandwiches, we grabbed some frozen yogurt by my apartment. I’m not the biggest frozen yogurt fan, but I think Pinkberry’s still my favorite (btw, if you click on the Pinkberry, they have a Pinkberry song. Wow).


Evan had to come to the city to drop off some tees so Abi & I met up with him at Toyose. The first time I ate here was about 3 years ago with coworkers. It’s pretty much a hole in the wall Korean joint w/ different flavors of soju and kimchee fried rice. Abi and Rach are HOOKED on this place. Lol But it is delicious.

Worst picture ever, but whatever.


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Foodie’s Paradise

Posted in food, Uncategorized by krisyee on August 18, 2009

This one’s for you Rach. LOL

So my friend on Twitter reposted this. And for those that you don’t know, there’s a creme brulee guy on Twitter that announces where he will be in the city.

Check out this girls YouTube for some other videos.

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Day Off

Posted in brands, just for kicks by krisyee on June 10, 2009

Okay, first thing’s first. I went to watch UP in 3d with Reg…

and trust me I didn’t look happy like that after! SADDEST MOVIE EVER!…Okay okay…not the saddest, but DAMN. It had me crying! The last cartoon movie that made me cry was the LION KING! Anyways, go watch it. It’s cute. The little boy definitely HAS to be a fat Asian kid. HAS to be…

So I FINALLY had a day off today. The day after I got back from Hawaii I went back to work and was scheduled six days in a row. FUN. Ugh.

So on my day off I decided to finish putting up a couple DVD racks I’ve been trying to get up for the last month or so.

After I got one up, I headed to Oakland to hit up the Adapt Advancers office. I helped Evan work on a couple things. Then we headed to Oakland Grill for some grub. He was holding my camera for me because we skated over there and I had too many things in my pockets, so I actually don’t have any photos of him. Instead he took photos of me.


Get ready for Adapt.

They recently came out with a collab with Quannum Projects which have artist such as Blackalicious, Lyrics Born, and DJ Shadow. Check out the post on Hypebeast.

This Saturday Adapt will also be releasing their collab tee that was done w/ TRUE. So make sure you check out TRUE! And TRUE East will be holdin down a BBQ this Saturday!

Since I was already in Oakland, I stopped by Emeryville to meet up with my friend Arthur. He transferred stores and works over there now so we just grabbed some food while we played catch up. 🙂


He didn’t want to be photographed. Too bad.

That my friends was one of my days off…back to work tomorrow. 😦

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Erykah Badu & Goapele Concert

Posted in food, fun, vacay by krisyee on June 7, 2009

Hawaii day 3 was awesome.

First off we headed to Boots & Kimo’s, a breakfast joint suggested by Rach. DEEEEELICIOUS. Be prepared to wait over an hour for it…even if you order it to go. But damn, it’s well worth it.
*in the middle, banana macadamia nut pancakes w/ macadamia nut pancake sauce…YUM. the omelet’s were hella good too!

The rest of the day we chilled on the beach and got ready for the Erykah Badu & Goapele concert!

We headed to Aloha Tower where the concert was. It was beautiful outside.


We ran into our friend Carlo there from the Bay and also KevRoc!

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