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Posted in thoughts by krisyee on November 3, 2011

I recently re-visited my Myspace page and read all of the four blog posts that I posted on there. One being the current “about me” section of my blog. But there was another post that I thought was worth re-posting because it reminds me of how awesome the people in my life are. There are certain people I consider my close friends and whether I talk to them everyday or only once a month, those people are the ones I can ALWAYS go to and I hope they know they can come to me when in need.


April 18th, 2005

izelle gave me a card for my birthday and this is what the card said…

you are my “help put things in perspective” friend… my “you understand because you’ve been there” friend… my “help-it’s one of those days” friend! there’s a lightness of heart that comes from just telling you about my day and listening to yours. whether we solve the problems of the world or not, just because i’ve got a friend like you to laugh with, everything feels like it’s going to be OK. so happy birthday to my “just don’t know what i’d ever do without you” very good friend. -catherine slater [hallmark…of course]

it wasn’t just what the card said that got me thinking, but alot of what izelle wrote. one line that said “i truly don’t know what my life would be like without you there for all the big things and all the little things.” that line alone got me thinking about the people in my life. my friends…my family…what would i do without them? through the good times and bad, they’ve been there for me. especially regina, trina, and izelle…they’ve heard it all. whether it be a girls night out, hanging at tre’s dying each others’ hair, driving to cupertino just for pizookies, going shopping, waking up to late night calls, listening to someone crying, gettin crunked and touchy feely at clubs, or jus chillin at the bux and conversing…i know i can count on you guys to run to when i’m feeling down, or run to for a good time. i’m also thankful for old friendships that have sorta drifted away, and are now gettin re-established. two people to be specific. i’m glad that we can still talk and that we’ve all been calling each other more. no matter what, you know you can call any of us if you need someone to talk to. one way or another and i’m thankful for friends like you. you’ve been there for me through my toughest times…and biggest events in my life as well as the small ones. we’ve created these memories together…and without each other, who knows what things would be like. memories with the LiKs…my EAE girls (haha)…and the guys…good times my friends. i love you all.


First of all…I can’t believe I actually said “crunked”. But aside from that, remember that it’s the little things in life that count. Live life and don’t take the little things for granted.

This isn’t an emo post so to put it plain and simple…

That’s all. Bye now.


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  1. Reg said, on November 3, 2011 at 4:09 pm

    love you too, Special Friend!!! we’re lifers!

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