iLOVEshoes: Jan-April 2012

Posted in fashion, shoes by krisyee on May 23, 2012

So the last time I posted an iLOVEshoes post was back in October and since then I’ve come across a few new pairs. Okay, so not just a few but a good amount. But in my defense, I must say that a couple pairs of these shoes were for work and like I’ve said before, I hate buying work shoes.

I started the year off by swooping up the Jordan Space Jams Concords. HA! Didn’t think I was into sneakers huh? Well I started out as a light weight sneaker head and headed into heels the past few years. I had a pair of Space Jams¬†Concords in high school which I still have but are pretty damn dirty. So my friend helped me grab a pair when he ordered his. And of course…I haven’t worn them. I just need the red and black 11’s (bka Breds or Playoffs) to help me finish my collection of 11’s.

One day I headed to the Nordstrom Rack in Palo Alto with Abi and Gail to search for some Sperry Top-sider’s that Abi was looking for. Instead I ended up with a pair of Dolce Vita’s that I can not stop wearing. Like seriously. They’re my default shoes anytime I go out now. Whether it’s a bar, lounge, or club I’m wearing them. Although I did wear them the last time I worked bottle service and my feet hurt like a bitch the next morning. But all the other times I’ve worn them, no problem.

Before I headed to Coachella, I was looking for a pair of cheap boots to wear. The forecasts were saying it was going to rain at least the first day of Coachella so I wanted shoes I didn’t mind messing up but would still keep my feet dry (for the most part). On my hunt for these boots, I ended up at Nordstrom Rack again, but this time in Daly City. They were going through a remodel and it seemed to me that they had a better selection of shoes. And this is wear I found these two pairs…

I came across the Sperry Top-sider’s that Abi was looking for when I bought my DV’s. And seeing them in person instead of a picture made me realize why Abi liked them so much. I’m not one for animal print, but like Abi said before, it’s the patent leather that makes them so dope. Having a pair of regular blue Sperry’s, I knew these were going to be comfortable. And as a good friend does, I asked Abi if it was okay with her if I bought them. Haha She said yes, but because I’m awesome…I asked the cashier if she could help me find Abi’s size. Luckily they had them at the store downtown so I picked her up a pair on my way home.

Don’t mind the bad pictures. They’re slightly dirty because I ended up wearing them to Coachella.

So back to Nordstrom Rack Daly city…I found these bad boys.

Sam Edelman for the win! And seriously…who cares if they are “last season” shoes. I still think they’re hot.

Okay so shortly after buying these, I ended up going to two malls in the area to look for my damn boots. Luckily I found these cheap light brown/tan colored combat boots at Cathy Jean. They didn’t have my regular size but I tried on the next size up and they happened to fit perfectly. I got these for less than $30.

And I ended up wearing them the first two days of Coachella.

I stopped by the Cathy Jean in the other mall I went to to compare their boot selection but instead I found these flats that were on sale. I bought both pairs for less than $40. Strictly for work. Since I stand all day at work I usually end up wearing flats. And imagine wearing the same flats over and over. For one, the soles on flats aren’t the best and can get worn out very fast. And two, lets be honest…even if you wear those little “not socks” socks, your feet still sweat and your shoes may start smelling. I’m just saying. So to avoid the funk, I now have at least four pairs of black plain flats that I can rotate between.

Lastly, to add to my collection I got the Jordan 12 Playoffs. I have the 12’s from when they were last released but they’re pretty dirty.¬†I was helping my friend order a pair since he was heading to a family dinner. However I ended up going to dinner with the boyfriend and his friends. So being cray cray, I brought my laptop with me and connected it to the hotspot on my phone. Once it hit 9pm I was online trying to order them. I had my friend’s pair and they boyfriend’s pair in my cart already but the Nike site was having issues. Once we were done with dinner we ended up leaving but I tried again once we got home and I was finally able to checkout and order their pairs. Afterwards I went back in to order myself a pair and because mine are kids sizes, they were easier to get.

I think that’s enough shoes for the first half of the year. We’ll see what the second half brings!


The Little Things

Posted in thoughts, word by krisyee on May 16, 2012

Whether it has to do with friends or family, and even strangers, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, to sights and sounds, smells and touch…

…it’s all about the little things.


Like when your mom leaves you a note on your bathroom mirror to have a good day.

Your friends stopping by your work to bring you food or coffee for no reason.

Waking up to a kiss from your boyfriend. Or better yet waking up in his arms.

Waking up to the sun shining through your blinds.

Coming home to flowers on your nightstand. Or receiving a package from a friend who lives in another country.

Falling asleep to the sound of the rain.

Your mom delivering home made baked cookies to your apartment. Or walking by the smell of fresh baked bread.

Hearing the sound of your baby laugh.

The giddy feeling he gives you when he smiles at you. Or how beautiful she looks when she’s happy.

Moments where you and your friends are laughing so hard over something that wasn’t even that funny.

Getting a text or call from your friend that’s on the other side of the country just to say “hi”. Or from the other side of the world.

Putting on clothes right out of the dryer, making you feel all warm and cozy. Especially warm socks.

Getting into bed with fresh sheets. Or digging your bare toes into a plush carpet.

Taking a nap to the sound of the ocean.

Waking up to a text from him saying good morning.

It’s the feeling you get when you hear the click of a photo being taken from a film camera.

The feeling you get when someone tells you that you made their day. Or just the feeling you get knowing you have helped someone.

Getting a fresh batch of french fries from McDonalds.

The way he holds your hand. Or kisses you on the forehead.

When a baby grabs one of your fingers with their whole hand.

Him calling you beautiful. Or how handsome he looks dressed up.

That one balloon that became a yearly tradition between you and your sister.

And just that simple feeling of being happy.

The list can go on and on…


It’s simple…sometimes it’s the little things that count.