iLOVEshoes: August/September Bargain Buys

Posted in shoes by krisyee on October 4, 2011

So the past two months I kind of went on a shoe binge. I mean…I’m sure I could’ve done a lot worse if I was looking for them on purpose, but five pairs is a lot when you’re not specifically looking for anything. The best part is buying shoes when they’re on sale.

In August I went to Vegas and while searching for a dress, my friend was looking for wedges. On one of our pre-vacation shopping trips, we headed into Charolette Russe. They’re not the best quality, but they’re cheap and are more comfortable than you think. And because they always have buy one get one deals, I ended up buying these. Pretty cute for $20.

While in Vegas my friend Muri and I were walking around the Miracle Mile Mall where she decided we should go into Chinese Laundry. Bad idea. I got these babies for $50. I don’t usually wear strappy heels, but these were too sexy. With a 4.5″ heel and cork platform I couldn’t pass these up. Especially when they’re usually $90, which you can still buy here.

Another day I was at Nordstrom downtown on a mission to buy some new 7 jeans. Instead I ended up in the shoe section where they were having a massive sale. And to be honest, since they were having a sale, I was looking for shoes I could use for work. I hate buying work clothes and shoes, so why not buy them when they’re on sale? So I ended up with two pairs, one pair being for work. Winning!

I got these Steve Madden patent leather flats for work. Usually they’re $60 (I would never spend that much on flats) but I got them for $40. I’ve already worn them a couple times and while they’re pretty comfortable, the stitching on the sides kind of irritate me. Maybe I have wide feet? Haha Anyways, you can still buy these here.

I’m a fan of Trouvé but never really wanted to spend that much on them. So I was excited to find these wedge booties on sale for $60. They’re the first pair of wedge booties I’ve ever bought! And I think they’re my favorite pair considering I can wear them with anything, including jeans and a t-shirt.

Then the other day I was Urban Outfitters. After buying a fedora for only $3 and some change, we realized it was 30% off sale items…so of course I checked the shoes. I couldn’t find anything in my size but then I dug further and started checking all the boxes. At the very bottom of the stack I found these Spicy Orange Kimchi Blue pumps. Cutest ever. Besides being able to wear them to work, these babies were only $15 after the 30% off (sale for $19.99, regularly $50). SCORE.

Now it’s time for me to clean out my closet and shoes.


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  1. portia said, on October 4, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    love em all esp the last pair! I’m a shoe-a-holic too =T

  2. Shoe Closzet said, on October 4, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    It’s ok…I get it! There are alot of us shoe-a-holics 😉

  3. krisyee said, on October 4, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    indeed there are! i ❤ it. haha

  4. […] the last time I posted an iLOVEshoes post was back in October and since then I’ve come across a few new pairs. Okay, so not just a few but a good amount. […]

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