Rant: Artsy Fartsy? More Like Brain Fart.

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Have you ever felt pent-up energy or felt frustrated because you weren’t sure how to release whatever it was you were feeling? Take your head out of the gutter, this isn’t sexual reference. I’m referring to something a little bit different. Actually, something totally different.

Creativity. Lately I’ve been feeling like I have all this creativity to release but don’t know how to release it. Sometimes I feel like drawing, but I don’t know how to draw. Let alone know what to draw. I’ll literally sit down with a pencil and paper and have no clue what to draw. It’s like a brain fart. You were thinking of something, but then it just goes away. Then I’ll feel like painting but first of all I don’t have paint or paint brushes. And even if I had those things, it goes back to drawing…what would I even paint? I opened up Photoshop and Illustrator the other day and even though I was messing with it, I still had no clue what I was making. So of course, I didn’t save it. The only thing consistent that I have been doing is photography. But lets be honest. I’m no pro. Funny because I’ve had three people ask me if I can take photos for them. I don’t even know how to use all the functions on my d-SLR. Talk to me about certain things in photography and I won’t know a word you’re talking about. I know basics. F-stop, lens sizes, and how to load film on my film SLR. Other than that, I forgot everything I learned in photo class. That’s one thing I will say I want to pick up again. I actually liked developing my own film and prints. That’s a totally different project though (buying all the equipment and creating a dark room, which in turn would take over my bathroom).

I grew up in a pretty artsy and crafty family. My parents are both part of a craft group that they created with their friends. They would meet once a week and create crafts to sell in order to help raise money for our high school band. The women did the sewing and painting while the men did the woodwork. My mom continues to sew creating quilts and even sold handbags that she made. She’ll also make random things like little notepads with a fabric hardcover. Christmas is coming meaning she’ll probably  be making ornaments to sell too. And my dad, lets just say he’s a handy man. What handy man isn’t crafty in some way? Besides my parents my sister is pretty artsy too. From what I remember when I was younger, she used to draw like she was sketching clothes on a model. Like she went to fashion school or something. How come I can’t draw like that? Anyways, her wedding decorations and other things for her wedding were almost all out of paper. Mainly all handmade by her and our friends and family. My brother on the other hand, he’s the true artist in the family. And when I say artist, he really is an artist. Inspired by comic books and Star Wars when he was younger, my brother always had a thing for drawing. He now works for Industrial Light Magic and teaches art at San Jose State. Talk about hard work and talent. Definitely an inspiration and someone I look up to.

I’m not saying I missed the artsy fartsy train in my family, I’m pretty decent and can be crafty myself, but I need to find a way to release this pent-up urge to make something. One thing that I do like doing is writing. Not writing like a writing an article, story, or even this blog post. But the physical act of writing. Calligraphy. Print. Fonts. I’ve had multiple customers ask me if I’ve ever taken a calligraphy class. When I tell them no, they seem surprised. Then I’ve had people ask me if I used to be a tagger. Nope sorry, never done that either. Although playing with spray paint at the Adapt office was pretty fun. But that’s besides the point.

If you  have suggestions on how to release whatever burst of so called creativity I have, please feel free to tell me because I’m kind of going bananas. Until then I’m going to doodle and draw boxes and circles.


Photos: Dolores Park & Ghirardelli

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These photos aren’t the best, but there are a couple that I do like. Shot with Minolota SRT-101 and some black and white Kodak film from Walgreens. Gotta love it.

hitRECord & The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

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If you know me or have read my blog in the past you would know that I’m a fan of JGL. Earlier this year my friend sent me a link for a show that was happening in SF that he was going to be at. That was the first time I heard of hitRECord. If you haven’t heard of JGL’s production company, hitRECord, you’re missing out. It brings together a pool of creativity from writers, photographers, artists, etc and helps collaborate the different ideas. For example, if a writer wrote a short story and posted it on the website, an artist can take the story and make illustrations to it. If any of the productions make money, the money gets split 50/50, half to hitRECord and half to the artists that contributed to that production. Aside from that, it’s a great way to get your projects out there. They also host live shows that include poets, story readings, performances, and more. I’d say it’s a great community for creativity.

Btw, I want the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a tiny book, with tiny stories. JGL makes me want to buy it (*swoooon*). Haha Jk, well…half truth. Seems like a great book for a stalking stuffer or Secret Santa. Maybe it’ll be on my list this year. That’s if I don’t buy it first.


Make sure you check out hitRECord HERE. And if you’re interested in buying The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories you can pre-order it HERE.

Man as Object

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Last Friday I headed to the SOMA Arts Gallery for opening night of the Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze exhibition. A friend of mine did the publicity for the event and invited me and my friends to check it out. The exhibit features pieces that portray men the same way they portray women and questions the definition of masculinity. It was pretty interesting and the artwork itself was pretty cool.

The best part…

Me: Jess, your shoe is untied.
Brandon: [automatically goes down and ties her shoe for her]
Me & Reg: Aww, you didn’t even have to ask him.


Friends. Family. Love.

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I recently re-visited my Myspace page and read all of the four blog posts that I posted on there. One being the current “about me” section of my blog. But there was another post that I thought was worth re-posting because it reminds me of how awesome the people in my life are. There are certain people I consider my close friends and whether I talk to them everyday or only once a month, those people are the ones I can ALWAYS go to and I hope they know they can come to me when in need.


April 18th, 2005

izelle gave me a card for my birthday and this is what the card said…

you are my “help put things in perspective” friend… my “you understand because you’ve been there” friend… my “help-it’s one of those days” friend! there’s a lightness of heart that comes from just telling you about my day and listening to yours. whether we solve the problems of the world or not, just because i’ve got a friend like you to laugh with, everything feels like it’s going to be OK. so happy birthday to my “just don’t know what i’d ever do without you” very good friend. -catherine slater [hallmark…of course]

it wasn’t just what the card said that got me thinking, but alot of what izelle wrote. one line that said “i truly don’t know what my life would be like without you there for all the big things and all the little things.” that line alone got me thinking about the people in my life. my friends…my family…what would i do without them? through the good times and bad, they’ve been there for me. especially regina, trina, and izelle…they’ve heard it all. whether it be a girls night out, hanging at tre’s dying each others’ hair, driving to cupertino just for pizookies, going shopping, waking up to late night calls, listening to someone crying, gettin crunked and touchy feely at clubs, or jus chillin at the bux and conversing…i know i can count on you guys to run to when i’m feeling down, or run to for a good time. i’m also thankful for old friendships that have sorta drifted away, and are now gettin re-established. two people to be specific. i’m glad that we can still talk and that we’ve all been calling each other more. no matter what, you know you can call any of us if you need someone to talk to. one way or another and i’m thankful for friends like you. you’ve been there for me through my toughest times…and biggest events in my life as well as the small ones. we’ve created these memories together…and without each other, who knows what things would be like. memories with the LiKs…my EAE girls (haha)…and the guys…good times my friends. i love you all.


First of all…I can’t believe I actually said “crunked”. But aside from that, remember that it’s the little things in life that count. Live life and don’t take the little things for granted.

This isn’t an emo post so to put it plain and simple…

That’s all. Bye now.