Jimmy Loves Juice

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I forgot to post about my brother’s latest achievement! As some of you may know, my brother is a very talented artist who has worked on films such as Star Trek, Avatar, and even the more recent Star Wars movies. He has also taught at his alma mater, San Jose State. He recently graduated with his MFA and finished his thesis project, an animated short called Jimmy Loves Juice. With the help of his students he brought this animated short to life and even got into a few film festivals. The fam and I got to watch it here in San Francisco at the Frozen film festival and last week he got word that they won the Best Animated Short at the Costa Rica International Film Festival! Congrats again to my brother and his students!

Check out his trailer and check the Jimmy Loves Juice blog for more showings and film festivals!


Canine Chronicles

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Awhile back a family friend and her sisters decided they wanted to publish a book about dogs. They opened an account on Kickstarter and soon after got the funds to create their book. I got the final product in the mail the other day and I’m happy to see the amazing work they did! Keep in mind, this was a side project for them. They continued with their full time jobs, took care of their children and worked on this book. It’s a fictional book with stories of the canine companions of famous people throughout history. The dogs are featured in clothes in relation to their owners. 

Congratulations to the Au sisters!




Vacay: NYC

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My Christmas present from the boyfriend finally arrived! Last weekend we took our trip to NYC. The last time I was there was back in 2006 where I roamed the streets by myself and only stayed for one night. Since the boyfriend’s friend lives over there, we were fortunate enough to have her bring us around to great food places and bars. And of course we had to watch the NFL playoffs.

We arrived early Friday morning, took a nap and woke up on time to head down to Chinatown for lunch. It was my first time at Joe’s Shanghai and for me, the soup dumplings were delicious.

After lunch we headed down to The Met. Four hours there and I still didn’t walk around the whole museum.

The Buddha of medicine.

Details. All about the details.


Click for more… (more…)

Rant: Artsy Fartsy? More Like Brain Fart.

Posted in art, crafts, rants by krisyee on November 22, 2011

Have you ever felt pent-up energy or felt frustrated because you weren’t sure how to release whatever it was you were feeling? Take your head out of the gutter, this isn’t sexual reference. I’m referring to something a little bit different. Actually, something totally different.

Creativity. Lately I’ve been feeling like I have all this creativity to release but don’t know how to release it. Sometimes I feel like drawing, but I don’t know how to draw. Let alone know what to draw. I’ll literally sit down with a pencil and paper and have no clue what to draw. It’s like a brain fart. You were thinking of something, but then it just goes away. Then I’ll feel like painting but first of all I don’t have paint or paint brushes. And even if I had those things, it goes back to drawing…what would I even paint? I opened up Photoshop and Illustrator the other day and even though I was messing with it, I still had no clue what I was making. So of course, I didn’t save it. The only thing consistent that I have been doing is photography. But lets be honest. I’m no pro. Funny because I’ve had three people ask me if I can take photos for them. I don’t even know how to use all the functions on my d-SLR. Talk to me about certain things in photography and I won’t know a word you’re talking about. I know basics. F-stop, lens sizes, and how to load film on my film SLR. Other than that, I forgot everything I learned in photo class. That’s one thing I will say I want to pick up again. I actually liked developing my own film and prints. That’s a totally different project though (buying all the equipment and creating a dark room, which in turn would take over my bathroom).

I grew up in a pretty artsy and crafty family. My parents are both part of a craft group that they created with their friends. They would meet once a week and create crafts to sell in order to help raise money for our high school band. The women did the sewing and painting while the men did the woodwork. My mom continues to sew creating quilts and even sold handbags that she made. She’ll also make random things like little notepads with a fabric hardcover. Christmas is coming meaning she’ll probably  be making ornaments to sell too. And my dad, lets just say he’s a handy man. What handy man isn’t crafty in some way? Besides my parents my sister is pretty artsy too. From what I remember when I was younger, she used to draw like she was sketching clothes on a model. Like she went to fashion school or something. How come I can’t draw like that? Anyways, her wedding decorations and other things for her wedding were almost all out of paper. Mainly all handmade by her and our friends and family. My brother on the other hand, he’s the true artist in the family. And when I say artist, he really is an artist. Inspired by comic books and Star Wars when he was younger, my brother always had a thing for drawing. He now works for Industrial Light Magic and teaches art at San Jose State. Talk about hard work and talent. Definitely an inspiration and someone I look up to.

I’m not saying I missed the artsy fartsy train in my family, I’m pretty decent and can be crafty myself, but I need to find a way to release this pent-up urge to make something. One thing that I do like doing is writing. Not writing like a writing an article, story, or even this blog post. But the physical act of writing. Calligraphy. Print. Fonts. I’ve had multiple customers ask me if I’ve ever taken a calligraphy class. When I tell them no, they seem surprised. Then I’ve had people ask me if I used to be a tagger. Nope sorry, never done that either. Although playing with spray paint at the Adapt office was pretty fun. But that’s besides the point.

If you  have suggestions on how to release whatever burst of so called creativity I have, please feel free to tell me because I’m kind of going bananas. Until then I’m going to doodle and draw boxes and circles.

hitRECord & The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories

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If you know me or have read my blog in the past you would know that I’m a fan of JGL. Earlier this year my friend sent me a link for a show that was happening in SF that he was going to be at. That was the first time I heard of hitRECord. If you haven’t heard of JGL’s production company, hitRECord, you’re missing out. It brings together a pool of creativity from writers, photographers, artists, etc and helps collaborate the different ideas. For example, if a writer wrote a short story and posted it on the website, an artist can take the story and make illustrations to it. If any of the productions make money, the money gets split 50/50, half to hitRECord and half to the artists that contributed to that production. Aside from that, it’s a great way to get your projects out there. They also host live shows that include poets, story readings, performances, and more. I’d say it’s a great community for creativity.

Btw, I want the Tiny Book of Tiny Stories. If you’re wondering what it is, it’s a tiny book, with tiny stories. JGL makes me want to buy it (*swoooon*). Haha Jk, well…half truth. Seems like a great book for a stalking stuffer or Secret Santa. Maybe it’ll be on my list this year. That’s if I don’t buy it first.


Make sure you check out hitRECord HERE. And if you’re interested in buying The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories you can pre-order it HERE.

Man as Object

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Last Friday I headed to the SOMA Arts Gallery for opening night of the Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze exhibition. A friend of mine did the publicity for the event and invited me and my friends to check it out. The exhibit features pieces that portray men the same way they portray women and questions the definition of masculinity. It was pretty interesting and the artwork itself was pretty cool.

The best part…

Me: Jess, your shoe is untied.
Brandon: [automatically goes down and ties her shoe for her]
Me & Reg: Aww, you didn’t even have to ask him.



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Absolutely LOVE this…


via Mrs. Nereida

A Piece of HK

Posted in art by krisyee on May 11, 2011

The BFFiHK, aka Eugene Kan, got me a gift as a way to say thank you for sending him packages of random stuff he buys online. Lol If you remember, he sent me a gift before which gave me the opportunity to create my own nutrition bars. Which btw were delicious with the ingredients I put in (chocolate chips being one of them). This time he ordered me something and asked if I could pick it up from Photoworks SF. Eugene takes a ton of photos (awesome ones btw) and so he decided to get me a printed copy of one of his photos.

First off, I like the way Photoworks SF packaged it. It reminds me of using paper bags as book covers. Haha But seriously, I like when gifts are wrapped like this.

I’ve never been to Hong Kong…or Asia. Basically I’ve never been out of North America. The closest I’ve gotten to Asia is going to Chinatown in San Francisco…and maybe parts in Vancouver. Haha Eugene captured an image of  an area called Mong Kok in Hong Kong which in his words is “a big tourist trap”. Lol But I absolutely love this photo. There’s something about being on a street full of people going into little shops and markets and seeing tons of signs and products all in one small area. The hustle and bustle of a market place. It’s also the fact that it takes me out of my own element. Especially since I’ve never been there. Makes me wonder how life would be if I lived in another country.

The photo is printed on a 11×14 photo rag which is digital printing paper that’s 100% cotton.  The photo has a foamcore and has a frame on the back so I can hang it.

After over two years of living in my apartment, I’m happy this is the first piece of artwork I’ll have hanging on my wall. One of the best gifts ever.
Thanks again BFFiHK!

If you want to see more photos that Eugene took, make sure to check out his blog HERE.

MOCHA & miSFits

Posted in adaptclothing, art by krisyee on April 21, 2011

My cousins from Vegas are here for spring break. You know, the little one’s I’ve been talking about and that I always visit when I’m in Vegas? I went to Mason’s third birthday last month when I was visiting for a bachelorette party but forgot to post photos from his birthday. This past Tuesday I met up my cousin and the kids at this place called Mocha (museum of childrens art) in Oakland yesterday. I had never heard of that place before but it seemed like a really cool place to bring kids. They have different stations where they can do arts and crafts. Mackenzie went to every station, decorating a basket, painting, glueing and playing with play-dough. Mason on the other hand was stuck at the play-dough station almost the whole time.

This little one was so worried about how his hair looked, his mom had to let him face time himself so he could check it.

After lunch I stopped by the Adapt office. Picked up some miSFit stickers on the way out. These die cut stickers are pretty dope and great to stick on a car window or laptop!

Project Inception

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For those of you in LA, check out my homie’s art show this Saturday. Tello’s been doing some pretty awesome things. Check out his reel from last year here.

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