Jimmy Loves Juice

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I forgot to post about my brother’s latest achievement! As some of you may know, my brother is a very talented artist who has worked on films such as Star Trek, Avatar, and even the more recent Star Wars movies. He has also taught at his alma mater, San Jose State. He recently graduated with his MFA and finished his thesis project, an animated short called Jimmy Loves Juice. With the help of his students he brought this animated short to life and even got into a few film festivals. The fam and I got to watch it here in San Francisco at the Frozen film festival and last week he got word that they won the Best Animated Short at the Costa Rica International Film Festival! Congrats again to my brother and his students!

Check out his trailer and check the Jimmy Loves Juice blog for more showings and film festivals!


Don Jon aka JGL

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So I went to a special screening of Don Jon, a movie written and directed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now for those of you that don’t know me, I am a JGL fan. I had always thought he was cute in 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You, but it was his style in 500 Days of Summer that made me swoon (I feel like I use that word whenever I talk about him). Anyways, my sister had told me about the screening and so I immediately hopped on a couple passes and asked the boyfriend to come with. I had found out JGL was at the Twitter offices today and was hoping he would show up at the screening. And because he’s awesome, he did! Unfortunately I was kind of far while my sister, brother in law, and a couple of friends were in the front row! But it’s okay…I can now say I was in the same room as him.

Happy.Thank you.More Please.

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First off let me just say that I didn’t mean to sound down or depressed in my “It’s My Fault I’m Single” post. I was just saying. Once in awhile certain things just make you THINK. It probably didn’t help that I was having Vegas withdrawals, which my friend made me realize that being in Vegas can sometimes seem like a fantasy. Especially when you’ve had alcohol in your system. So adjusting back to reality is why I’ve been going crazy the last week. Haha But in the end I’m fine being single…for now. Haha Plus it gives me more time for ME.

ANYWAYS…this past Friday I went out to the movies with Reg and Arthur. Reg and I were browsing to see what movies were out and Reg, being a fan of How I Met Your Mother, turned me onto the movie Happythankyoumoreplease (yes that’s the movie title. just like that). It’s an indie film that was awarded at the Sundance Film Festival last year and was written, directed and starred Josh Radnor (an actor from How I Met Your Mother). We decided to watch it and Arthur met us up at the theater.

I honestly LOVED this movie. Definitely a movie that I think some people can relate to. If you have the time I suggest checking it out. It’s only playing at the Landmark theater in the Embarcadero in the city.

After the movie we hit up a sushi restaurant downtown. I totally forgot the name of the restaurant. But it was pretty good.

The next night I was out with Rach @ The Tipsy Pig & Circa. The Marina gets more interesting every time I go. Lol New Hearts were put up in San Francisco…I really liked this one. Sorry for the horrible photos.

JGL pt. 2

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I just finished watching Inception.

Great movie.

I said it once,

and I’ll say it again.


homeboy: did u see inception?
me: yep just watched it tonight
homeboy: oh lol
what did u think
me: i liked it
certain parts i didn’t understand
but it was good
and probably cost a lot of money to make
and i still have a crush on joseph gordon-levitt
and wanna marry him
and have his babies
homeboy: yea lol
homeboy: every girl is now in love w him after t his movie
and his 3 peice
me: NO
homeboy: i love ellen page
me: I loved him after 500 days of summer
homeboy: im goign to marry her
ooh yea u did
cool so u marry him and ill get ellen
sounds like a plan
and there you go.

Vampires Suck Trailer

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I thought this was fake…lol  But no…it comes out Aug 18th and even our favorite Asian funny man, Kevin Jeong, is in it.

STFU Please.

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For all you movie goers out there, there’s nothing like the feeling of excitement to watch the premiere of a new movie. You take your time purchasing tickets for the midnight showing and sometimes spend over an hour waiting in line to get good seats. After getting your seats you grab your popcorn, icee (yes I said icee), and other foods to snack on. The movie begins and you just cannot wait to see what happens. But then there are a bunch of teeny boppers and tweenies that are SO excited that they can not shut the eff up! It annoys the hell out of me especially when I missed something that was said that’s important to the story. I know there are those that are pretty good at keeping quiet, but then there are those other immature teens that think they’re cool and don’t have respect for others in the theater.

To be honest I shouldn’t even say “immature teens” because sometimes grown ass adults are just as bad. It didn’t help that I was already annoyed last night by people talking in the theater while watching New Moon, but today in class two adults would not STFU during a video. Usually people don’t care about watching videos in class, but this one was about vibrators…what can I say, it was interesting, (you know you’d watch it too). I wish I was sitting in front of them so I could have told them to SHUT IT.

So if you’re ever watching a movie in a theater, stop the RUDENESS. SHUT UP, BE QUIET AND WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE! (but still laugh at appropriate times).

That is all.

500 Days Of Summer

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I have a new obsession. 500 Days of Summer. I bought the soundtrack and listen to it everyday. I constantly search for new videos on it. I was already a fan of Zooey Deschanel back when she was in Elf. But I now have a crush on JGL (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who was also in 3rd Rock From the Sun and 10 Things I hate About You.

So during my search online for new things…I came across this…






The art was done by a girl that goes by Starblinx on (Check her out, her stuff is cute!)

Isn’t this CUTE?! LOL And if you haven’t seen the movie…you need to watch it. Let me know when you go…so I can go again hahaha

You can check out more videos of the cast HERE. They made a couple dance videos, interviews and also a mash up video between Sid & Nancy and 500 Days of Summer. It’s pretty funny.


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So I’m in class right now. I really shouldn’t be blogging, let alone be browsing online, but I can’t help NOT being online if I’m by a computer.

I was looking at the entertainment section of and came across this upcoming movie: THIRST. It’s a Korean movie that is directed by Chan-wook Park which was released in South Korea in April and is on it’s way to the U.S. Of course…what caught my attention was the word VAMPIRE. Yep, that’s right! Another vampire movie.

“Sensual obsession also figures in “Thirst,” which is about a priest (Park regular Song Kang-ho) who volunteers to be a guinea pig for a new antibody meant to combat a deadly virus. Instead, the virus kills him, briefly, but he comes back to life.He becomes a healer, but soon begins to have overwhelming sexual urges, as well as a thirst for human blood. He is becoming a vampire – and infects a young woman trapped in a hellish marriage. She wants him to kill her husband – “a classic film noir plot,” said Park.”

Read more HERE.

Wow…the english trailer looks freakin scary compared to the other trailers. Lol

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The Annual

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My friend Duke’s in a movie!

Check out the trailer for the movie, The Annual.

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He IS Asian!

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Thanks to Abi, I found out the kid who did the voice for UP IS Asian! Check out little Jordan Nagai!

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