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So I never thought of having my own blog, but i guess you can say I had something like it when I had one of those online journal things. It’s been so long that I can’t even remember the name of the website. But admit it, that’s probably how blogging started. Nowadays blogs are a way to promote things and share experiences and I guess you can say this is what my blog’s about, but just to let you know, I probably won’t blog toooooo much…I get lazy and sometimes don’t have anything to say or show you. Guess it’s more of a personal reference for myself.

So, lets get my first story started!

This past week I was in Vegas for the Magic Tradeshow (no I’m not talking about Magic the card game…a clothing tradeshow) and United Tradeshow.

Tuesday: Alex, Gian, and Dom were already in Vegas and so I decided to fly in the day the shows started. I had a 7am flight with lovely Virgin America. It was my frist time with that airline, but damn…felt like I was in a

music video or something with the purple lights.

The lovely South City and blanket of fog.

Although there was that blanket of fog, there was still a beautiful sunrise.

After landing I headed to Alexis Park Resort where we were staying and where United was being held at. Gian was almost done setting up and to my surprise we had massage chairs in our booth. I won’t say how Gian got them, but I will say that you have to pay a dollar for five minutes in that thing.

People actually paid a dollar to sit in it for five minutes including these guys.

and Mike from Frank 151’s.

United is smaller compared to Magic and because we were doing two shows, Alex and Dom were at Magic while me and Gian were at United.

Just a peek of our new line of 5 panel hats. Check em out at our online store.

They look normal, but suuupliiiiise!


I ran into my cousin Cindy from Daly City who was at United too for her friend’s clothing line.

That night I had dinner with my other cousin who lives in Vegas with her husband Keith and their daughter Mackenzie. Little Mackenzie is soooo cute.

Later that night we decided to go out. We were trying to check out a party at Prive in Planet Hollywood, but ended up going out to a party in the Palms.

Dom and I ended up going to another place after that but I think was pretty wasted to take pictures.

Thursday: The last day of United. Valentine’s Day…or if you’d like to say S.A.D (Single Awareness Day)
My cousin and her friends Jame and Loretta. They’re brand’s called 5733. Check em’ out.
Gian was multi-tasking. Talking on the phone, video chatting with his gf, and eating a cupcake that Alex’s gf had surprised us with for Valentine’s Day. Which by the way was yummy and very sweet of her. Thanks Ivy!
Alright…so American Apparel goes around giving out free stuff all the time. For girls it’s usually swim tops, thongs, bikini bottoms….and this swimsuit. First reaction…”Where do the nipples go?!” Now that I’m home…I might be curious enough to see how this thing fits.
Gian showing our neighbors from Real Deal some stuff on illustrator.
That night Neeks (sorry if spelled wrong) from Undefeated LV and Eugene from Hypebeast met up at our room so we could go out to dinner.
And then they drinking started…for the guys atleast.
We went to a couple parties that night. The first one was at Prive for the Triple5Soul party and then we headed to Tryst for the Creative Rec party…I think it was for Creative Rec…anyways…crackin.
Mike was there with his folks from LRG.
I went to bed around 4:30am that night…and woke up early the next day for Magic.
Friday: The last day of Magic.
Alex took Dom around some stores in the area so Gian and I worked the booth at Magic. Look at our booth. Dope huh?! Good job guys on setting it up…sorry I wasn’t there to help.
Here are a couple booths around us and some random pictures…

While I was walking around, checkin stuff out I ran into this booth…
Meaning I saw Yoshi! I’ve known Yoshi (aka Jess) since elementary school and if it wasn’t for this girl I wouldn’t have learned about the fashion industry and streetwear culture. She’s lives in NY and is a buyer for Fatlace and a sales rep for In4mation.
I also ran into a high school friend named Arian who’s part of Hit+Run in LA.
I stopped by the DimePiece booth to talk to Laura who I met at the last Magic Tradeshow. At only 21 years old, Laura and her partner created a succesful womens line and they’re continuing to grow. Thanks for the shirt girl!

Stopped by the Hypbeast booth to say “hi” to Season (sorry not sure if the spelling’s right) and to see if Eugene was hungover from the night before. Haha

One of the funniest guys you’ll ever meet.

After breaking down the booth…I went to the bathroom to wash my hands and found Gian like this. We had to wait for Alex to pick us up…so Gian decided to take a little nap.
While leaving I decided to just take some pictures while we were walking out. These booths are mad CRAZY. They look like stores…some with even 2 stories.

After Magic we were all pooped. I decided to stay at my cousin’s house that night and chill out.
Before we left today we went to check out a store called Fruition. They’re pretty dope with a lot of vintage stuff.

Alright…It’s time to stop by J’s house for his bday beer pong party.



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