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Happy Thanksgiving all!

This holiday always makes me think about everything I have in my life; from having a roof over my head to having wonderful supporting friends and family. I know there are times in our lives where we feel like everything is going wrong, but we have to remember that someone else might have it worse.
I must admit I’ve been pretty lucky as far as my life goes. My parents always supported us in whatever it was we wanted to do and never put much pressure on us. I guess that gave me the freedom to live and learn which is why I believe I always learn the hard way. I realized how thankful I am for the people in my life and those that I’ve crossed paths with. If it wasn’t for them I really wouldn’t have learned some of life’s lessons and also things about myself. In some way or another, each one of them have impacted my life and I would just like to say…thank you.

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!


Mac Cosmetics x Hello Kitty

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I’m not the biggest Hello Kitty fan, but I think this is cute and clever, especially teaming up with Mac Cosmetics. I believe this will be available on the Mac website February 10th. Read more on!

DimePiece Holiday Collection

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DimePiece’s Holiday Lookbook is up! Check it out here.

Hellagant Fashion Show

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This past Saturday was Hellagant’s one year anniversary fashion show. I got asked last minute to model in it. Uhh…yea. Haha A few of my other friends also modeled in it too. The clothes are pretty dope and definitely something I’d wear. They showed Fall 08′ and Spring 09′. Both are dope, but I can’t wait for their spring line to come out!! The models who are wearing the spring line walk out to N.E.R.D…just so you know.

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Kanye’s album 808’s & Heartbreak comes out tomorrow! I know it’s not his traditional style and some of his fans might not like it, but I really like it. You can order his album online plus get a UniverseCity membership(his fan club) for $34.99. No school this week, so I’ll be at Best Buy picking this up and looking at tvs!

Check out Kanye’s performance at the AMA’s

Warriors vs. Blazers

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Tuesday night I headed to the Warriors game.
I felt bad for the towel boy…

and the Blazers cause they lost…

Blue & White Ball, 330 Ritch, & Minna

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Last Saturday I attended my high school’s Blue & White Ball. I believe it started in 1994 and my parents have been going ever since. The only reason I went was because they were honoring my varsity volleyball coach, Ann Stluka. I realized it’s actually a great fundraiser and I’d actually want to encourage former students to attend.

I’ve known Stluk’s since I was probably in 5th or 6th grade when my sister played for her. She retired about a year or two after I graduated high school but she’s honored for her great coaching. She brought South City’s team to CCS almost every year and in the 80’s she brought the team to CCS championships 4 out of 5 years. One year she also brought them to win state championships. My sister, who also played for her, made it to CCS against Archbishop Mitty High School where she played against Kerri Walsh who is now an Olympic gold medalist. Stluks was also in the hall of fame at SF State, San Mateo County, and Northern California when she played.

After feeling like the youngest person there, I found so me of my teammates!

Us with Stluks and Henry. Henry was never an offical coach but he was there helping out at every practice and every game.

Stluks with some of her volleyball players from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.

After the ball I headed out to 330 Ritch to meet up with Mikey( who was in town for the weekend.
Mikey and Dom

We decided to head over to Minna where it was craaaazy for some damn reason.

And right before my weekend turned bad…haha.

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My International Business teacher likes to keep little things like this on his website. I thought it was cute.

The STORM’S Coming!!

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Only 3 more days until the Blackberry Storm’s out!! YAY! I can’t waaaait. This baby is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. $199.99 after mail in rebate w/ 2 year agreement.
3.2 mega pixel camera
Full HTML browser
Global Capabilities
and soooo much more!

Ugh…I’m in love with it. Check more out on

HomeRoom Fall/Winter 2008

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HomeRoom’s Fall/Winter 2008 is up on the online store.
Check it.