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Thank you SFSU for the $55 parking ticket.

Life’s Lessons

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Note: This is more personal than I usually write, but PLEASE don’t take it personally. I know it can take a journey to be where you are in life now.

B came over yesterday so he could borrow a dress for Halloween (yea, he’s going to be a girl). We got to catching up and talking about things going on in our lives. Relationships, finding ourselves, friends, gossip, etc.

The first thing we talked about of course had to do with relationships. We started talking about how guys don’t realize that by NOT telling the truth, they’re hurting girls even more. Now don’t get me wrong. Sometimes a girl needs to stand up for her own and be the one to end things, but right now I’m just talking about dudes. For example, if a girl and guy were talking or dating and the guy just suddenly realizes he’s just not that into her, most guys tend to just stop calling or will disappear. The girl of course will wonder what’s going on and wonder what she did wrong. That’s just ONE example. So for you guys, JUST SUCK IT UP, BE A MAN AND TELL HER THE TRUTH. Even if she takes it hard, it’ll be easier for her in the long run instead of being dragged along and confused. And girls, if you need someone to be blunt about guys and situations, read “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

That of course led on to “people need to learn to just be honest with themselves”. Next example, if you haven’t read Rach’s blog titled “Single white female”, you need to read it before you finish reading this one unless you’ve actually seen the movie (which i still haven’t done). My thoughts to add on to what Rach said is that people that do things like that don’t know who they are or accept who they are. People that aren’t honest with themselves aren’t honest with others. You shouldn’t care what others think and should feel comfortable who you are. Find yourself. And just because someone is responsible doesn’t mean they’re emotionally mature. Realize what it is you’re doing and admit your emotions. I hate people that say they’re over their ex or they don’t care when they really aren’t. I see right through the people that say that. Another example is just breaking up with someone. If you’re not over it, admit that you’re not over it. This is something I don’t understand about guys. Most guys I know meet another girl before they start getting over their ex. I understand sometimes meeting someone new is all in fun, but for those that get into relationships right after, how do you start having feelings for another girl when you still have feelings for your ex? I know everyone has their own opinion about things and handles things differently, but i see no reason to lie to yourself. Just don’t front.

I’ve come a long way and been through enough shit to learn and have a different outlook on things. And in the last couple years I’ve learned more about myself than I have known in a long time. I may not know exactly what it is I want to do with my life career wise, but I know the things I’m interested in and what it is I want to dip my toes into (I’m into way too many different things). I still may not be the best at confrontation, but when it happens I’m not afraid to speak my mind. I don’t care what people think and I’m enjoying MY life.


Stupid Drivers

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Okay. For those of you that don’t know, all my pet peeves have to do with driving.

I hate stupid ass drivers. Here are some things that stupid drivers should pay attention to.

_When going under 60 miles per hour, STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE. They don’t call it the
SLOW LANE for nothing.

_BE AWARE IF THERE’S A CAR BEHIND YOU. Here are a couple reasons why.
-If you’re stopping and going in the middle of the street because you can’t find an address
or something and there’s a car behind you, they’re probably going to get irritated. To be
considerate, PULL THE FUCK OVER.
-And when you decide to pull over, PUT YOUR FUCKING BLINKER ON.
Which leads me to my next point.

_SIGNAL DAMNIT! Car’s have blinkers for a reason; to let other drivers know that you are
planning to switch lanes. If you’re in traffic and you need to switch lanes, don’t just signal
when there’s suddenly an opening. Put your damn blinker on and let people know you need to
get through.

And the biggest one of all…

WHEN THERE’S A CAR BEHIND YOU! You spray it and it gets on the car behind
you. That’s just plain RUDE! Especially when that car just got a car wash!

Ok. I’m done venting.

Chris Cornell & Timbaland

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Chris Cornell (lead singer of Audioslave and Sound Garden) and Timbaland will be at my work on Friday! Timbaland helped produce Chris Cornell’s solo album, Scream, and Verizon Wireless is sponsoring his album launch. They’re hitting up seven other locations in different cities, appearing at those Verizon Wireless stores during the day and then having a concert at night.

If you want to stop by here’s the info.

10/31 @ 3:00 PM

Verizon Wireless Store
150 El Camino Real
South San Francisco, CA


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Friday night I stopped by Minna for Jeramie’s art show.

The first person I saw when I walked in! Danny boy!!

Bill & Jeramie

Meet Jeramie, the man behind the markers.

Like I said before, Jeramie uses markers for his art. I must say he’s starting to have a theme or trade mark. When he first started working on pieces a couple years ago, he had one piece that I believe caught everyone’s attention. It was of a woman with big hair, head band and glitter eye shadow. I must say it has to be one of my favorite pieces ever. And now most of these pieces are part of that theme.

I’m thinking about buying the bottom left one for my apartment, but we’ll see what else he has at home!

I wish i had better pictures.

Suite Jesus

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My friend Jeramie is showing his artwork at Minna this Friday. The art reception is from 9pm-11pm with the party following after.

I’ve known Jeramie since 6th grade and ever since then he’s been drawing. His artwork is awesome. Check out his stuff.

Red Bull Soapbox Race

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Saturday was the Red Bull Soapbox Race in Dolores Park. I had work so after I took bart over to meet up some of my friends. Shit was CRAZY.

The Death Star and 756 baseball.

EVERYONE WAS ON THEIR DAMN PHONES!! On that note, you have to read Rach’s blog titled “The Other Woman”. It’s genius.

Jordan Countdown Pack III’s and XX’s

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I haven’t bought Jordan’s in awhile, and even though I’m not a big fan of the XX’s, the III’s got me. I have the white and blue ones, but these are just so clean. I should’ve bought the X’s and XIII’s pack when they came out. Along with the VII’s and XVI’s, but I’m not ballin and don’t have $200 to spend on shoes! I’m definitely going to get the XI’s and XII’s pack. I believe the release date is December 26th. Now those are a MUST HAVE! Until then…

Fleet Week

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Last week the homies and I went to Fleet Week in the Marina. We grabbed some Little Lucca sandwiches and headed out to watch the Blue Angels. Unfortunately we missed the Snowbirds who are from Canada. They do tricks and things like the Blue Angels, but instead of six planes, they have 10! I know I sound like a dork getting all excited about airplanes, but there’s a reason!

The Blue Angels to me are a memory of my childhood. Ever since I can remember, my dad has always been into airplanes. He even learned how to fly when he was younger. So I grew up watching planes. For some reason I always wanted to do things my dad did, so I was even considering joining the Airforce after high school. But because I didn’t have 20/20 vision I knew I wouldn’t be able to fly a fighter plane. Haha I took a crap load of pictures to show my dad since he couldn’t make it down to the Marina. The night I showed him the pictures I told him we should get Blue Angels tattoos. Haha He also watched some of the videos and could name some of the tricks they did!


In San Francisco there are a bunch of random hearts scattered around the city with different designs on them. Like the one in my first picture that says “Vote”. In the Marina there are a bunch of these globes. I didn’t get a chance to look at all of them. But here’s one of them!

Homeroom & Mishka Sample Sale

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