Ben’s Birthday Part Deux

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Friday I was feeling sick so I ended up staying home all day. I felt like I had a slight fever but I think taking a nap helped out a lot. I ended up going to Bruno’s that night for the second part of Ben’s birthday. What a crazy night it was.

The boys in their suits and ties.


Oh Ant…love the look. Haha

The ladies!

If you see Marc’s finger…he really has the mustache tattoo…

Happy Birthday Ben! Haha

Some of the ladies w/ the birthday boy.


The end.

Next up: Augs’ Birthday!


Ben’s Birthday Part 1

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Thursday night we went to Levende where the boys were celebrating Ben’s bday!

The boys. (Lito’s covering Ben’s face)

Me and Ize with the birthday boy!

Ben with the ladies

I heard someone on the mic say something about Day-26, so I looked at the stage and there was Willie from Making the Band/Day-26. I had to confirm it so I asked Augs and she said that he was Ize’s favorite. So of course I went to bring Ize up to him. Haha

There were a lot more pictures, but I have more pictures from Part Deux of Ben’s Birthday at Brunos which is coming soon.


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My friend Evan (Adapt Clothing) introduced me to the new iTunes8. There’s new features such as viewing HD TV Shows, Genius, and new ways to browse.

For you fans, you’ll love the new Genius feature. Genius reads your library, and when you play a song and click on the Genius button it automatically creates a play list with other songs from your library that go great with it. There’s also a side bar that appears that gives recommondations of other songs that you might like.

Make sure you go and download yours!

Read more about it here.

Fatlace Interviews

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Fatlace started interviewing their bloggers. Check out the chic that introduced me to the scene and get to know a little bit more about her!

Forgive Me…

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I ran over a raccoon today.

By accident of course.

I hurt or killed Pocahontas’ BFF.

I’m sooooorry.



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Come celebrate my friends birthdays! Brian and Kristee are having they’re annual joint birthday party, next Sunday at Montara Beach. So girls, get out that cute bikini to tan in and guys, don’t forget your tiny shorts! It’s a potluck so bring some food to share! Skimboards, waterguns, etc. Holla at Bri-Fi if you have any questions!


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The Volleyball AVP Tour’s in town next weekend! I always miss out on this event but I think I really want to go next weekend. Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh play in this tournament so it’d be awesome watching them. Anyone down to go?!

“Doin’ it After Dark”

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While everyone was at “Doin’ It At The Park” last Sunday, I was stuck at work getting picture messages about how dope it was. So instead, I went to the after party, “Doin’ it After Dark” @ Minna. Augs, Ceaze, and Heeze swooped me up and we headed down to Redwood city to meet everyone else up. I swear, every single one of them was still drunk.

The boys checking out Alicia Sacramone and some other girl that competed in the Olympics.



Heeze, Ceaze, Augs

Kev, Me, Ricky

Ian, Augs, Jermz…nice one Jermz!

Ran into these lovely ladies.

Annnd this is what happens when you drink Henn, Malibu, and Vodka…plus a hangover at work the next day.

And this is when you’re the only one wasted and feel sick!

Duct Tape Bandages

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If you ever feel like you need to be manly…

Found on