Snowboarding Season

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on January 6, 2009
I’m so excited to be heading up to Tahoe at the end of the month. It’s been a year since I had a weekend in Tahoe with friends! Sure we’ve had day trips but we haven’t been in a cabin in a loooong time. For the last two years I’ve been saying that I want to get my own boarding gear, buuuut I still haven’t done it. I keep finding boards I LOVE but they’re either 1. too expensive or 2. don’t come in my size. And this season I found a board I absolutely love that is too expensive.
The Burton Custom does come in youth sizes for a good price, but the sizes only go up to 145w and I’m looking for a board from 149-152. The men’s sizes run from $499-$549 which is more than what I would like to spend on a board.

I think for the meantime I’m going to keep my eyes on this one. I saw this one before I saw the Burton Custom, but it was pretty expensive. I checked it again and now it’s on sale! YAY!
First thing’s first though…I still need to get a few more things for my apartment. Haha


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