My Fabulous Finds @ Bazaar Bizarre

Posted in crafts by krisyee on December 14, 2009

Happy Monday! Finals are this week and I think the stress is kicking in. So sorry in advance if I don’t post much.

Saturday I hit up Bazaar Bizarre and came across a few things that I couldn’t help but LOVE. bicycle clocks
-taking recycled bike parts and turning them into clocks

dip it designs
-old record sleeves made into boxes and chinese take out boxes.

Nous Savons
-My faaaavorite piece I bought that day. A lapel necklace w/ a fob chain (don’t mind my Hanes v-neck).

Donna Wood
-Tre and I were talking about how pretty these were. The different colors and feathers caught our attention and we playfully tried them on w/o ever thinking of buying them, but we couldn’t help it.

Next time Bazaar Bizarre comes around make sure you check it out. A lot of handmade clothes, jewelry and crafts.