Alicia Keys Stripped

Posted in jams by krisyee on November 23, 2009

I absolutely love it when artists come out with “stripped” albums or when they perform live with acoustic instruments. Not to mention their amazing voices. brings us Alicia Keys stripped with “Empire State of Mind II” and “Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart”.

Thanks to Duke for the link!

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Snowboarding Boots for Sale

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on November 21, 2009

I’m selling a pair of snowboarding boots I got last season. They’ve only been worn twice and are in good condition. I ended up getting a different pair of boots because I needed a half size smaller. Feel free to holla if you’re interested! I also have a Craigslist ad up HERE.

Womens Burton Sapphire Boots

Size 8

STFU Please.

Posted in movies by krisyee on November 20, 2009

For all you movie goers out there, there’s nothing like the feeling of excitement to watch the premiere of a new movie. You take your time purchasing tickets for the midnight showing and sometimes spend over an hour waiting in line to get good seats. After getting your seats you grab your popcorn, icee (yes I said icee), and other foods to snack on. The movie begins and you just cannot wait to see what happens. But then there are a bunch of teeny boppers and tweenies that are SO excited that they can not shut the eff up! It annoys the hell out of me especially when I missed something that was said that’s important to the story. I know there are those that are pretty good at keeping quiet, but then there are those other immature teens that think they’re cool and don’t have respect for others in the theater.

To be honest I shouldn’t even say “immature teens” because sometimes grown ass adults are just as bad. It didn’t help that I was already annoyed last night by people talking in the theater while watching New Moon, but today in class two adults would not STFU during a video. Usually people don’t care about watching videos in class, but this one was about vibrators…what can I say, it was interesting, (you know you’d watch it too). I wish I was sitting in front of them so I could have told them to SHUT IT.

So if you’re ever watching a movie in a theater, stop the RUDENESS. SHUT UP, BE QUIET AND WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE! (but still laugh at appropriate times).

That is all.

Who’s Ready??

Posted in wtforks by krisyee on November 19, 2009


I’ll be one of the many girls at one of the many midnight showings. To all you boyfriends that are joining your girlfriends…kudos to you and I’m sure you will be awarded…as long as you don’t talk shit about the movie! To everyone else who’s going, HAVE FUN! I’ll be wearing my WTForks?! fangs!



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How To Shop…

Posted in random by krisyee on November 19, 2009

…for a car.

My car’s in the shop and if it costs less than $2Gs to fix then I’ll be okay for a few months…hopefully a few years. If not, then I have to start looking for a new car…and probably a new or second job to pay a monthly car payment. Eek.

The valves on my car burnt out and I’m waiting on my pops for the verdict. So I started thinking about what kind of car I’d want to get if I have to get one. Do I get the car I really really want? Or do I settle for something just to get me by?

I’m not into expensive cars, but if you ask me what kind of luxury car I’d get I would say either a BMW M3 or M5, Mercedes CKL, Audi A5, or a Cadillac CTS. One day I’ll have one of those cars…just like how one day I will own a Louis bag and a Gucci bag…just saying.

When I say a car I “really really” want, I’m not talking about those luxury cars. I’m talking stuff like a Civic Si vs a regular Civic. Or a Subaru WRX vs a Scion. They each have about a $7G difference. For example I could live with a regular Civic, but I’d rather have the Civic Si. After having a car that has 170hp I really don’t want to go down in horsepower. And lets face it, having a WRX would just be fun. First of all, it’s a sedan which is something I usually don’t go for. But it would be easier to access the back seat and easier for people to get in and out of the car. Second, it’s well over 170hp. And third, it’s all wheel drive which is perfect to go up to Tahoe for snowboarding (then I wouldn’t have to borrow my parents Highlander). I figure I’d be investing in something right? So why not invest in something I actually want? Money IS a factor though. Can someone tell me how the APR and all that ish works? I have never bought a car before. Haha

And then there’s the question, do I buy it new or used? I bought my GSR in 02′ and it’s a 97′. So it’s about 12 years old now. It ran pretty good so I don’t really have anything against used cars. Should I just buy a beater for the time being?

Oye. Suggestions please?!


Oh and P.S- If you know anyone selling a car let me know! Haha


Posted in random by krisyee on November 11, 2009

LIGHT SABER UMBRELLAS that is!….well not really. They’re technically called Bladerunner umbrellas…but you can make it whatever you’d like! These LED umbrella’s will keep you dry and make it a little more fun walking in the rain. Haha..




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Posted in events, jewelry by krisyee on November 9, 2009

Join MADE Jewelry for their L&VEHATE collection launch this Friday!


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Happy Monday

Posted in just for kicks by krisyee on November 9, 2009

I’ve had a hectic ass weekend working  32 hours in 3 days. The Droid launch was pretty successful and to be honest I may just have to give up my Blackberry for it. But we’ll see. In the mean time, happy Monday!


Fatlace’s 10 Year Anniversary

Posted in events by krisyee on November 5, 2009

See you there!



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The Droid & Droid Eris

Posted in electronics by krisyee on November 5, 2009

I can’t get into too much detail about this since it’s technically not out yet, but tomorrow Motorola’s Droid phone launches in all Verizon Wireless retail stores along with HTC’s Droid Eris. I’ve never played with a Google Android phone until recently and I have to say that the Motorola Droid is pretty dope. The Eclair software (Android 2.0 OS) has some advantages over the Cupcake software (Android 1.5 OS) but they’re both pretty responsive. The Android software allows you to create your own apps for your mobile device and also share your apps in the Android Market (to find out more about that, check out

Motorola Droid

Picture 3

HTC Eris

Picture 4

I have to say that this is probably one of the biggest launches for VZDub and I get the privilege of being at work at 6am for it. Yay…so for all you tech savvy people that are planning on getting it, make sure you get there early. Unlike our Storm launch last year, we’re ready and lines are expected. First come first serve! Doors open at 7am!

See you bright and early in the morning!

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