Who’s Ready??

Posted in wtforks by krisyee on November 19, 2009


I’ll be one of the many girls at one of the many midnight showings. To all you boyfriends that are joining your girlfriends…kudos to you and I’m sure you will be awarded…as long as you don’t talk shit about the movie! To everyone else who’s going, HAVE FUN! I’ll be wearing my WTForks?! fangs!



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How To Shop…

Posted in random by krisyee on November 19, 2009

…for a car.

My car’s in the shop and if it costs less than $2Gs to fix then I’ll be okay for a few months…hopefully a few years. If not, then I have to start looking for a new car…and probably a new or second job to pay a monthly car payment. Eek.

The valves on my car burnt out and I’m waiting on my pops for the verdict. So I started thinking about what kind of car I’d want to get if I have to get one. Do I get the car I really really want? Or do I settle for something just to get me by?

I’m not into expensive cars, but if you ask me what kind of luxury car I’d get I would say either a BMW M3 or M5, Mercedes CKL, Audi A5, or a Cadillac CTS. One day I’ll have one of those cars…just like how one day I will own a Louis bag and a Gucci bag…just saying.

When I say a car I “really really” want, I’m not talking about those luxury cars. I’m talking stuff like a Civic Si vs a regular Civic. Or a Subaru WRX vs a Scion. They each have about a $7G difference. For example I could live with a regular Civic, but I’d rather have the Civic Si. After having a car that has 170hp I really don’t want to go down in horsepower. And lets face it, having a WRX would just be fun. First of all, it’s a sedan which is something I usually don’t go for. But it would be easier to access the back seat and easier for people to get in and out of the car. Second, it’s well over 170hp. And third, it’s all wheel drive which is perfect to go up to Tahoe for snowboarding (then I wouldn’t have to borrow my parents Highlander). I figure I’d be investing in something right? So why not invest in something I actually want? Money IS a factor though. Can someone tell me how the APR and all that ish works? I have never bought a car before. Haha

And then there’s the question, do I buy it new or used? I bought my GSR in 02′ and it’s a 97′. So it’s about 12 years old now. It ran pretty good so I don’t really have anything against used cars. Should I just buy a beater for the time being?

Oye. Suggestions please?!


Oh and P.S- If you know anyone selling a car let me know! Haha