Do You Remember: The First Time You Fell In Love?

Posted in do you remember by krisyee on December 22, 2009

I’m not one to express my feelings on a personal level, other than rants on stupid ass drivers, but this one’s been making me think. Whenever someone asks me “Are you seeing anyone?” or “Any love interests?” my answer is automatically “No.” (Although to a couple of you I’m lying. LOL.) But for some reason the question makes me think about the first time I fell in love. This story might sound dumb but for me it was the only time I ever felt this way.

I was young…okay, VERY young. Middle school to be exact, back when AOL just came out and everyone was in chat rooms like “bAy ArEa AzNs” (Yes I said it and yes I was on there.) Everyone’s screen name started with AZN and kids like me learned a little about HTML codes to customize our homepages. With just typing in  “a/s/l” it was easy to make friends online. And best believe I did! I was in 8th grade during the time and there were “regulars” in the chat rooms. A lot of us became friends and I started talking to this one boy on the phone. He was my age and went to a private school in San Francisco. The first day he called me I swear we just clicked. Time went by and before we knew it 2 hours had passed. I was sitting on my kitchen floor for 2 hours talking to this dude? He easily became my best friend and we started talking every day. We would talk about everything and anything. We finally sent each other pictures and he was cute. Not the cutest guy ever but was still cute and had a baby face. It finally hit me one night where I knew for a fact he had feelings for me and vice versa. We both knew it. Nothing had to be said. The first time he said “I love you” he was so nervous that he cried after saying it. Not balling out crying…but a few tears and sniffles, basically enough for me to notice. I know I know…kind of weird but it showed how nervous he was to say it. I didn’t have an easier time saying it back to him either. Okay, maybe it was a little easier for me to say it since he said it first…and cried. But still, I had never been so nervous, excited, and happy to say those three words.

It was definitely young love, but I’ve never had that feeling of falling in love with my best friend. There are reasons why it didn’t work out. Mainly because I never saw the guy in person and it would be hard seeing each other w/o meeting up at the mall and bopping it. We actually saw each other once during high school but we probably would’ve drifted apart too. I went through some phases during high school. Lol

I firmly believe that the person you end up with should be your best friend because in the end it’s not about looks or attractiveness but the friendship and bond you have. Like in the movie UP…I swear that movie mad me CRY.

Ok that’s all. Bye.


My Fabulous Finds @ Bazaar Bizarre

Posted in crafts by krisyee on December 14, 2009

Happy Monday! Finals are this week and I think the stress is kicking in. So sorry in advance if I don’t post much.

Saturday I hit up Bazaar Bizarre and came across a few things that I couldn’t help but LOVE. bicycle clocks
-taking recycled bike parts and turning them into clocks

dip it designs
-old record sleeves made into boxes and chinese take out boxes.

Nous Savons
-My faaaavorite piece I bought that day. A lapel necklace w/ a fob chain (don’t mind my Hanes v-neck).

Donna Wood
-Tre and I were talking about how pretty these were. The different colors and feathers caught our attention and we playfully tried them on w/o ever thinking of buying them, but we couldn’t help it.

Next time Bazaar Bizarre comes around make sure you check it out. A lot of handmade clothes, jewelry and crafts.

Grand Opening: Status

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Status in Westfield mall will be having their grand opening this Saturday from 1pm-7pm. Make sure to stop by to check it out!

Space Jams

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My VI’s are super dirty so I think it’s time to invest in some new ones. Luckily I can fit kids sizes…so they better come in youth sizes! The Space Jams are set to release on 12/23/09. I know some people were saying the 24th, but it looks like they changed it on the Jordan site (Thanks for the info Drew!). Anyone wanna come cop a pair with me? Abi? Lol

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Catch Me…

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…on a couple of sites.

A few weeks ago the ladies at Made Jewelry had asked me to be part of the team and blog about my adventures in the Bay. Abi wrote this intro on me today which I think is hilarious! She makes me sound like a heartbreaker! Lol But make sure to check out their jewelry line and their newest releases!

Then I woke up this morning to a bunch of emails on my Blackberry. Half asleep, I tried reading to see who the emails were from and titles of the emails to see what they were about. One of them was from Jess asking if I wanted to blog for Ladylike. After rushing to get to school I replied that I was down. Next thing I know I was in class getting an email with my login. Fastest EVER. Lol So make sure to check out Ladylike for all your lady needs!

Make sure to check out and

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Bazaar Bizarre

Posted in art, crafts, events by krisyee on December 3, 2009

About three years ago a family friend, Jamie Chan, co-founded Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco. Focusing on DIY and handmade arts and crafts, the Bazaar Bizarre fair has gotten so popular that they changed it from one day to two days with over 100 booths and vendors. Aside from running Bazaar Bizarre, Jamie owns her own craft shop, Urban Fauna, in San Franscisco and was also a speaker at Imprint Culture Lab’s Conference last  year.

For all you fashion, craft, and DIY lovers make sure to come by next weekend!

For more information check out

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