Google x VZW= iDon’t

Posted in electronics by krisyee on October 21, 2009

From a marketing perspective this iDon’t campaign is pretty good. There’s a lot of talk about it and everyone and their mama is coming into the store asking when we’re getting the android phone and what it’s going to look like. I really don’t know what it looks like or when it’s coming out but I assume soon considering they’re starting to advertise. I think this pretty much sums up the rumors about the iPhone coming to VZW, but you never know. I’m thinking 2011 for that one.

Find out more at

PS- Get ready for VZW having 4G next summer!

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WTFun for Funds Part 2

Posted in events, food, fun by krisyee on October 21, 2009

And the rest of the pictures from the fundraiser!

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WTFun for Funds Recap Part 1

Posted in events, food, fun by krisyee on October 20, 2009

Saturday was a BLAST. The WTFun for Funds fundraiser was a success! Thanks to all that helped out and donated! Rach and Abi are THANKFUL for ALL of you!

I’m about to fall asleep and I only got half of the pictures up, so here’s the first half of Saturday night!


















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Made Jewelry’s Love Hate Launch Party

Posted in events, jewelry by krisyee on October 14, 2009

For all you SoCal heads, make sure to check out Made Jewelry’s Love Hate collection! Hit up the launch party in Hollywood on Oct 22.


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Treasure Island Music Festival

Posted in events by krisyee on October 13, 2009

The Treasure Island Music Festival is this Saturday and Sunday. Looks like the line up is pretty good. Make sure you get your tickets early!


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Girls Weekend & Jawbreaker Fun

Posted in just for kicks, vacay by krisyee on October 12, 2009

This weekend I headed down to Greenfield which is about 2 hours south of San Francisco. My friend Regina and I decided to visit our friend Steph who recently moved in with her fiance down there. On Saturday we drove down another hour and half away to San Luis Obispo and Pismo beach for some good eats.

If you like clam chowder bread bowls I suggest you try Splash Cafe. I was introduced to this place a few years ago by my girl Augs who went to school @ Cal Poly SLO. Every time we went to visit her it was a must to eat here and as you can see, having a line around the corner is a norm at this place. But for their clam chowder and butter toasted bread bowls, it’s worth the wait.



Call us crazy, but we headed to a candy store around the corner where we spontaneously decided to have a jawbreaker contest. You know those fat jawbreakers that they sell but don’t understand how people eat them? Well, we tried to see who could get to the deepest layer.


After about 15 minutes…

regandkrisvisit 013

While we worked on our project we headed down to Grover Beach. One of the only beaches in California that you’re allowed to drive on. It’s $5 for a day pass but you can pay more and camp on the beach too.

regandkrisvisit 023

I had my car and I didn’t want to get stuck in the sand so we didn’t drive to far. If you drive further down the beach there are sand dunes where you can go ATVing. Here’s a pic of the dunes from one of my past trips.


We decided to just chill on the beach and suck on our jawbreakers. Lol

regandkrisvisit 027

Over an hour of our contest I think we finally decided to stop. As you can see, Reg (right), somehow made almost a perfect circle, Steph (middle) was a little behind and just got to the blue, and I (left) was around the same layer as Reg but we just decided she won because of how she made such a perfect circle. Haha Good sober fun!

regandkrisvisit 030

After that we headed to downtown San Luis Obispo where we walked around and decided to watch Couples Retreat. For dinner we hit up Firestone Grill. Yummy tri tip sandwiches and may even be better than Buckhorns. There’s always a line at this place too.


Yesterday on the way home, Reg and I decided to stop in San Jose to grab some Pinkberry at Santana Row. I think the only reason why I like Pinkberry  more is because it’s a little sweeter and I loooove the chocolate shavings. Haha

All in all it was a relaxing and fun weekend. Thanks Steph for letting us stay at your place!

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WTFun For Funds!! Benefit

Posted in events by krisyee on October 9, 2009

To help out the victims of typhoon Katsana, WTForks and Boogie Events bring you WTFun for Funds Benefit. All proceeds and donations will be sent to Unicef. Clothing and canned foods are also welcomed!

There will also be raffle prizes by some dope brands like:
Hellz Bellz
Adapt Clothing
Dimepiece Designs
Sedusa Studios
My Raw Fitness
Ruel’s Fitness Training
Bella Nirvana
Brooklyn Circus
And more!

Saturday Oct 17th @ 7pm
111 Minna
San Francisco

Make sure you stop! The “Shine” afterparty will follow!


More at

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Sleepy Time Playlist

Posted in jams by krisyee on October 8, 2009

Back in March I wrote a post called “Sexy Time Playlist“. Basically it was a playlist of sexy ass songs, baby making music, whatever you’d like to call it.

Now it’s time for a sleepy time playlist. It’s kind of hard to say what’s good for this category considering everyone is into different types of music. But for me, sleepy time music is usually slow, acoustic, or instrumental. There are some of the occasional up beat songs and motivational songs, but some can be kind of sappy.

Check out some of these songs and suggest your own if you’d like!

  • Strange and Beautiful-Aqualung
  • This Womans Work-Maxwell
  • She Will Be Loved (acoustic)-Maroon 5
  • The Scientist-Coldplay
  • Trouble-Coldplay
  • Again-Lenny Kravitz
  • The Rain Don’t Last Forever-Hope
  • Colorblind-Counting Crows
  • Kissing You-Total
  • Flightless Bird-Iron & Wine
  • Country Livin’-Esthero
  • Six Feet Underground-Sneakerpimps
  • Midnight in a Perfect World-DJ Shadow
  • Come Over-Estelle
  • No Other Love-John Legend ft Estelle
  • Levater-Yael Naim
  • Pretty Wings-Maxwell
  • Soundtrack 2 My Life-Kid Cudi
  • Stars and Boulevards-Augustana
  • At Your Best-Aaliyah
  • Red Light Special-TLC
  • Streetlights-Kanye
  • Sideways-Citizen Cope/Santana
  • Kissing You (Romeo & Juliet)-Des’ree
  • This Love-Craig Armstrong
  • Let Me Sign-Robert Pattinson (yes…from TWILIGHT)
  • Sad Eyes-Bat for Lashes
  • The Blowers Daughter-Damien Rice
  • Cupid-112
  • Butterflies-Alicia Keys
  • Dead Presidents 2-Jay-z (i know, random)
  • Maybe Tomorrow (acoustic)-Stereophonics (one of my all time favorite songs…EVER)

I know I have more but it’s my bed time soon.

What songs would be on your sleepy time playlist?

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Fullylaced X Adapt

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on October 6, 2009

Adapt has teamed up with Fully Laced to bring you “The Orange and Black Pack”. Rock the shirt w/ the custom laces or rock em’ separately. The collab drops Oct 14th. Check out Fully Laced and Adapt for information on retailers that will be carrying it.



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Oktoberfest & LovEvolution

Posted in dance, events by krisyee on October 6, 2009

Saturday was crazy. I hit up Oktoberfest with the homies and on the way home we decided to check out LovEvolution. The pictures explain themselves, but it’s nothing like being there along with the massive music coming from every direction. Besides seeing the ravers and half naked girls, it was pretty damn eventful seeing people climbing signal lights and just partying it up. Something to keep in mind while looking at the pictures from LovEvolution…it’s in front of City Hall!