I Remember…

Posted in thoughts by krisyee on June 1, 2011

I remember my first time going to the Magic Trade Show. When I stepped onto the show floor I was overwhelmed with the brands I was around. Shocked by the fancy booths. Excited about being around people in the street wear industry.

Bigger brands had booths that looked like mini restaurants with a hostess stand. Others looked like mini stores. Some with even two floors. I was in awe.

But the one memory I took from that day was being invited into the LRG booth. We walked past their front desk (where I assumed buyers checked in) and went straight inside. Besides all the racks of clothes around me I noticed a guy in front of me sitting on a round sofa, chillin on his Sidekick…in my head I was like “holy shit, that’s Jonas, one of the founders of LRG. And behind him…Ben Baller.” I kept my cool, sipped my Heineken, and carried on. But better believe I was excited inside. To be around the person who built this multimillion dollar brand. The guy that designed these dope tees that my ex-boyfriend used to buy and I’d want to cut up and make into girl shirts (before they had Luxirie). The one that inspired all these other brands and people.

So when I heard about his passing yesterday I was in shock. I may not have personally known him, but he is known within the fashion industry as well as the music industry. He changed the street and urban wear scene and inspired so many people. He was definitely a pioneer and paved the way for others.

RIP Jonas Bevacque


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