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I started off my weekend by running errands all morning and early afternoon on Friday. That night I headed down to the ball park for Battle of the Bay aka Giants vs. A’s. I missed out on the snuggies that night 😦 It’s okay though, I have one from last year…except mine doesn’t say world champs on it. We found out that one of the best places to stand and watch the game is the second floor of where the Coke bottle is. For one, you can see the game better than if you’re standing in the standing room area. Second, you get to people watch; I saw two different guys in handcuffs and I saw people I knew that had no clue I saw them. Haha

After the Giants won in the 10th inning (yes I had to throw that in there), I headed out to Pier 23. The homies from Lifted Roots were performing and it was a chill ass reggae night.

The next day I headed down to San Mateo where my friend Jess was having a garage sale to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I brought a lot of stuff to donate but then I of course ended up buying some stuff. Mainly books.

I think I donated about 15 pairs of shoes…two pairs being my shoes for junior and senior prom.

There was a litte girl next door that made cupcakes to sell…then she gave all the money she made to Jess to donate. Cutest thing ever…and delicious cupcakes!

My cousins from Vancouver/Richmond were visiting…no need to explain this picture. Boo Canucks! Lol

I ended up going out Saturday night but I was too busy being all over the place that I forgot to take my camera out of my purse. Trae and I hit up Bruno’s first and then we headed over to Minna. Fun nights like those are always the best.

On Repeat: Novacane Cover by JRAquino

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Movie Marriage Proposal

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High 5’s & Apple Pies

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So back to our trip to Seattle/Tacoma…we flew in early Saturday morning and checked in early at the hotel. Then we headed to a restaurant called China Star. Pat’s girlfriend’s family owns the restaurant and so they held his graduation lunch there.

Our view from our patio of our hotel room.

Pat’s girlfriend Jenny brought us to a flight simulator! I probably had the most fun here. Haha The machine actually moves like you’re in a plane and when you walk inside it’s like you’re in the cockpit. The windows are a big screen so you can set what airport you’re flying out of. Ours was set to SFO of course.

Reg and I! We took turns on flying.

About to take off!

I’m flying over San Francisco.

After that we headed to Seattle to drop some people off at the Space Needle.

Then we headed to High 5 Pie. Reg is a foodie and found this place online. They’re known for their various kinds of pies; pies in a jar, “cutie pie”, lollipop pies…I didn’t really take any photos of the pies…because we ended up eating them…but Reg might have some pics on her blog. It was SO delicious. Reg ordered a peanut butter & chocolate pie that was seriously one of the best tasting pies I have ever had. Besides my apple cutie pie and lollipop pie, I ordered a chocolate cream pie that was pretty good. It wasn’t too heavy like most chocolate pies are. But it was still filling with chocolate delight! Like I said, I didn’t get pictures of the place or all their pies, but I loved the way the place looked. It has that vintage 1950’s look to it with vintage looking appliances.

After that we headed to Paseo. Reg really wanted to try the pulled pork sandwiches which is what they’re known for, but unfortunately they were sold out and we ended up getting a regular rice place dish. I got the chicken which was good but a little dry.

After that we met everyone else up at the Underworld Tour. Something I didn’t know about Seattle, it’s pretty much built on top of another city. So the photos I have are actually underground where there were once buildings and streets. The tour was pretty funny because it was vulgar and talks a lot about whores and prostitutes but at the same time it was interesting.

To see the pics continue reading!  (more…)

Congrats PaToy!

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This past weekend I headed up to Seattle/Tacoma with Reg for our friend Pat’s graduation. He’s been up there for the past couple of years getting a doctorate in physical therapy at University of Puget Sound. Congrats PaToy! I wish you the best on your new job and new chapter of your life!

*Separate post to come about what else we did in Seattle*

A Piece of HK

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The BFFiHK, aka Eugene Kan, got me a gift as a way to say thank you for sending him packages of random stuff he buys online. Lol If you remember, he sent me a gift before which gave me the opportunity to create my own nutrition bars. Which btw were delicious with the ingredients I put in (chocolate chips being one of them). This time he ordered me something and asked if I could pick it up from Photoworks SF. Eugene takes a ton of photos (awesome ones btw) and so he decided to get me a printed copy of one of his photos.

First off, I like the way Photoworks SF packaged it. It reminds me of using paper bags as book covers. Haha But seriously, I like when gifts are wrapped like this.

I’ve never been to Hong Kong…or Asia. Basically I’ve never been out of North America. The closest I’ve gotten to Asia is going to Chinatown in San Francisco…and maybe parts in Vancouver. Haha Eugene captured an image of  an area called Mong Kok in Hong Kong which in his words is “a big tourist trap”. Lol But I absolutely love this photo. There’s something about being on a street full of people going into little shops and markets and seeing tons of signs and products all in one small area. The hustle and bustle of a market place. It’s also the fact that it takes me out of my own element. Especially since I’ve never been there. Makes me wonder how life would be if I lived in another country.

The photo is printed on a 11×14 photo rag which is digital printing paper that’s 100% cotton.  The photo has a foamcore and has a frame on the back so I can hang it.

After over two years of living in my apartment, I’m happy this is the first piece of artwork I’ll have hanging on my wall. One of the best gifts ever.
Thanks again BFFiHK!

If you want to see more photos that Eugene took, make sure to check out his blog HERE.

Karmin-Look At Me Now LIVE w/ The Roots

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You saw their cover of “Look at Me Now” on YouTube. And you saw how she was rappin Busta’s part. Now see them live with The Roots!

Thanks T.Phu for sharing this!

My Pacman Weekend

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While half of the Bay Area was in Vegas for the Pacquiao fight, I had a chill weekend with the homies from Philly and a taste of my past.

Meesh and Portia were home visiting from Philly so we brought them to our old stomping ground at a Mediterranean Restaurant called Pride of the Mediterranean on Fillmore. To be honest, I don’t usually order food there. If anything I’ll order fries (so typical of me). But if you wanna chill with some hot tea and hookah it’s definitely a good place to go. Make sure the owner, Sharky, helps you out. He’s a really cool guy and always takes care of his customers.

The next day I spent the afternoon in Chinatown. I headed for the Cameron House Carnival. Cameron House was originally a missionary for Asian women during the late 1870’s. For years now they’ve held summer day camps, youth groups and many other programs to help the community. My parents used to go to Cameron House and before my freshman year of high school they forced me to spend the summer as a day camp leader. I hated the idea of it but once I started going I grew to love it. I got to meet a ton of great people, including some that I’m still in touch with, and I give all the credit to Cameron House for teaching me  how to get around in the city (I lived in the suburbs at the time). Every year Cameron House throws a carnival to raise money for day camps and youth groups and since I didn’t go the last few years I decided I should go. I definitely felt old. Majority of “my kids” (the ones that I was a leader for, meaning they were anywhere from 1st-8th grade at the time) are in college or have already finished college. But it was good seeing some familiar faces. Btw, have you ever watched The Pursuit of Happyness? I believe the basketball scene was filmed on the upper deck basketball court there (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was).

The homie AJ was in the dunk booth. Haha

Later that night, after getting chicken wings and my favorite chow fun from Chinatown, I headed to Augs’ place to bbq and watch the Pacquiao fight. The homeboys were in Vegas and so the girls (+ Fern) decided to bbq.

Now meet the dogs.


Jameson with his floppy ear.


Augs gave Tubbs a spare rib bone to chew on…he decided I needed a bone in my crotch. If you don’t get it…don’t ask.

Now off I go with a busy week ahead of me!

iLOVEshoes: Dolce Vita for Target

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I was at Target one night probably buying something I really needed like contact solution, but of course ended up buying a bunch of other things that I probably didn’t need. Including these Dolce Vita for Target wedges. The Spring 2011 collection consists of wedges and sandals and while I hardly wear wedges, I couldn’t pass these up for $30. Although, if I had known they had brown ones I probably would’ve gotten those instead. Besides having a pair of closed toed Seychelles wedges that I wear to work, the only other wedges I happen to have are also Dolce Vita. Surprisingly the Target collection is a little more comfortable than my other ones. I can’t wait to wear these when it gets warmer!