A Letter to Love

Posted in thoughts by krisyee on February 14, 2012

Dear Love,

It’s Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I’m not much of a V-Day person. More of a Happy Single Awareness Day person. Maybe it’s because I was never with someone during this so called day of love. I’ve never had a date for this day, but I was never sad about it. It was just another day of people sharing love (which btw, shouldn’t  just be one day out of the year, people should be doing it everyday). An upside was attending Pillow Fight. But because of other circumstances I feel like I can’t even go to that. This year’s different. I’ll admit, I’m a little sad. I did a total 360 from being the happiest I’ve been with someone to feeling pain that has left me sleepless. The painful thing about breakups is accepting the fact that the person just no longer wants to be with you. It’s plain and simple. I know with time I’ll be able to get past it. I’m surrounded by friends and family who love and support me and that’s all I can ever ask for. But for now, you suck Love. But I hope one day you’ll make me as happy as I was before.




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