Vacay: NYC

Posted in art, food, vacay by krisyee on January 19, 2012

My Christmas present from the boyfriend finally arrived! Last weekend we took our trip to NYC. The last time I was there was back in 2006 where I roamed the streets by myself and only stayed for one night. Since the boyfriend’s friend lives over there, we were fortunate enough to have her bring us around to great food places and bars. And of course we had to watch the NFL playoffs.

We arrived early Friday morning, took a nap and woke up on time to head down to Chinatown for lunch. It was my first time at Joe’s Shanghai and for me, the soup dumplings were delicious.

After lunch we headed down to The Met. Four hours there and I still didn’t walk around the whole museum.

The Buddha of medicine.

Details. All about the details.


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The Best of My 2011

Posted in random by krisyee on January 17, 2012

Some photos that made my 2011.