Saturday with the Ladies

Posted in fun by krisyee on April 30, 2012

This past Saturday the girls and I had a date to go rock climbing. Some of us haven’t gone in a few years so we needed to refresh our memory by taking a quick lesson. We then spent another a couple hours climbing.

Reg getting up there on the orange path!

Tre about to touch the top.

Not getting to the top isn’t an option for Meiche on the yellow path.

This one was a little hard. Kim trying to stay on the orange path but there’s this one corner that was hard to get past.

This is the same place where Kim got stuck in the picture above. That corner was kind of hard but I was able to get past it. That shit made me so tired after!

So Meiche wanted to try a 5.10 which is harder than what most of us were doing. So for the last ¬†climb, Meiche tried the 5.10 pink path while Reg climbed an easier one next to Meiche so they could meet at the top. Obviously Reg had to chill a few times up there so she did things like this…lol.

*High Five*! We made it to the top!

And this is what my friends and I do…we do cool shit like this.