This One Time, @ Band Camp…

Posted in just for kicks by krisyee on March 18, 2009

So my friend on Facebook decided to post these pictures of us from high school…

That’s right, I was in band! I was in percussion, marching band, and symphonic band in high school. First year I played the xylophone and then I eventually got tricked by my parents to play the french horn. Don’t ask how…I really don’t know how I got talked into it.

I’m the one muggin with the dark ass lipstick. Top row, third to the left.


Eventually I went back to auxiliaries and was a letter girl! Lol I’m on the bottom second to the right next to the “W”. Oh man…one day I’ll show you my colorguard video…haha.


I have to say my parents making me do band was a pretty good exeperience though. It sucks that the music programs in schools aren’t as good anymore.

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