4 Days of Spring Break

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on March 23, 2008

So Wednesday my optometrist called to let me know my glasses came in. I had a hard time choosing between two different frames…so I ended up getting both. One’s a little more funny, which you’ll see in pictures later, and these are a little more normal. Haha

The brand’s called Koali and for some reason these caught my attention. I think it’s because of the design on the sides and the colors. Anyways, I wore the other pair out that night.

So I haven’t really been going out as much because of school and work but I decided to go out this week because it was spring break. Felix was in town visiting from Long Beach so Wednesday night we ended up going to Etiquette lounge which my friend, and DJ, Chris Larot throws every Wednesday. He gave me and my friends a bottle of champagne which we pretty much finished in a good 10/15 minutes. Thanks again Chris! After the champagne came a couple pretty fat ass shots of Hennessey (thanks Tina). We ended up going to Skylark after where a friend of mine was celebrating his birthday. I didn’t have my camera though. Some how that night my camera ended up at Augs’ house.

Thursday night I went to grab a drink with Augs at Double Dutch. That was the first time in HELLA long that we went out by ourselves! Fun and random times with my wingman!!

Friday I went to BJs with Trae and Peter and then drank at a friends house later and just chilled.

Saturday Tracy and I went downtown and just walked around. Some kids that I guess are part of a drum corps or percussion line were performing. I used to LOVE percussion so this was pretty dope to me.

We walked up a couple blocks to The Hundreds store. They just opened on Thursday so I wanted to check it out. Was a pretty cool spot. I bought some socks.

That night I went with Trae and Peter to Miyake in Palo Alto for Muriel’s birthday. If you love sake bombs and a fun environment you might want to have your birthday at Miyake one of these days. Inside they make you stand on the chairs to take your sake bombs. Loud music and disco lights. And yes it’s a restaurant so they also have food.

Me, the birthday girl, and Trae

Ize, Heeze, Dom, and their cousin Rose met up with us at Blue Chalk after.

When we first walked into this place the whole dance floor was DEAD. By 1130 it was CRACKIN!

Arnelle and Ian picked me up and we headed to 111 Minna to meet up with the rest of the boys.

I’ve known this guy since 6th grade. And we still have class at school together. Haha

One of the many Carlo’s!!

The boys…minus Kev, Lito, By, and Marc.

See what happens to my eyes when I’m drunk?

Another Carlo!! We were the best valets ever.

Now I haven’t seen this chick in awhile!!

The night didn’t end there. We headed to LC’s to eat…and of course my heffer ass got the fried chicked dinner meal. YUM!

That’s pretty much it for the end of the weekend. Today Reg took me and Marjie out for some dim sum and then we helped her build furniture for her new place. I didn’t have my camera, again, so I couldn’t take hilarious pictures of us trying to put her bed and dresser together. But it was pretty damn funny.

So tomorrow’s back to school. Sucks. But I’m going to the Warriors vs. Lakers game! YAY!

Keep yah posted.