Hypebeast Ping Pong Champion & Shake n’ Dip

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So I was chatting with Eugene from Hypebeast and he asked if I wanted an autograph because he reclaimed the Hypebeast office ping pong championship. So of course, this is how I got my autograph. Congratulations Eugene! Haha

While we were chatting, Season, another Hypebeast employee, was craving McDonalds. I guess there’s this whole new promo in Hong Kong. So Eugene sent me this McDonalds commercial…

Apparently they have different types of seasoning to shake your nuggets with and also different sauces.
Shake & dip baby! Shake & dip…

I wonder if it’s gonna come to the U.S?!


Beard Up!

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Even though the Warriors aren’t in the playoffs, you can still look like Baron Davis!
Thanks Jeff for emailing this to me. Haha


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Yesterday I hit up the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan town with some of the folks. It was a warm sunny day so it was pretty crowded.

We headed straight to the food area so we could check out the goods and hit up the sake.

Even though it was pretty damn warm outside, I settled on some udon, beer, and sake.

Big Mexi Dan showed up and embraced us with his presence!

Doesn’t he look like the Brawny man?

Bombs away!

Jeramie came by and showed me his new tat. Dan seemed a bit upset about it. Haha


FINALLY stopped by Fatlace. Luckily I didn’t bring my wallet, cause I would’ve spent some $.

Reg and Kim went to grab some crepes at Sophie’s Crepes. Apparently they got me one, but it never showed up in my hands. Instead I think it got passed around and eaten by everyone else. 😦

I was pretty damn hungry so I grabbed some KFC while we were walking back to the car. I couldn’t wait to eat, so I just started eating while walking. Don’t mess with me and my fried chicken!!

The view from Reg’s house. Fuckin awesome.

Courvoisier x LRG

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I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Nitrolicious, and came across this Courvoisier x LRG Launch tour. It looks like LRG has created a new line of apparel and accessories exclusively for Courvoisier Cognac who is also launching a new cognac called Couvoisier Exclusif. The tour will hit five cities; New York, Miami, Houston, LA, and SF. They’ll spend about three days in each city showing the line.

The one in SF is April 24-26, taking over TRUE on Haight.

Click here for more info about the tour and to sign up for the list.

Thread Trade Show

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Thread Trade Show is an independent show and one of the only trade shows that is open to the public. They hold shows in the UK, LA, Vegas, Seattle and SF. They pick 80 brands to also sell directly to the public, so if you have time check it out. It’ll be held at the SF Design Center Sunday April 20th. Check out the Thread website for more info.

Cherry Blossom Festival

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It’s that time of year! Time for the Cherry Blossom Festival! It’s two weekends in a row starting this weekend April 12th & 13th and then April 19th & 20th. It’s held in J-town so if you’re not busy come on down for some good food and cheap sake and beer! Last year Regina and I went to check it out and decided to just get drunk in the middle of the day. So come through!

Check out more information here.

Apple Notebooks

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Tina sent me this…

Monday, April 7, 2008

Apple notebook lines to see major design changes, sources say

By Kasper Jade

Published: 12:35 PM EST

Apple Inc.’s existing MacBook and MacBook Pro notebooks will be the last of their breed, as both product families are destined for major design changes upon their next refresh, AppleInsider has learned.

Of the two, the 13-inch consumer MacBooks will undergo the most significant metamorphosis, shedding their plastic enclosures for ones constructed from more eco-friendly materials such as aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel, people familiar with the matter say.

The move, which makes good on a promise by company chief executive Steve Jobs to push towards a “greener Apple,” will also mark an end to Macs that come clad in the now tawdry looking white enclosures that began with front face of original iMac nearly a decade ago.

Similarly, the MacBook Pro is also bound for aesthetic revisions, which like their upcoming MacBook counterparts are described by those familiar with the products as borrowing several design cues from the August 2007 aluminum iMacs and all-new MacBook Air. The end result, those same people say, will be a more uniform Mac product matrix in terms of design and material usage, and a MacBook offering that will far outclass its rivals.

read more here.

my 21st bday for the 4th time

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The day before my birthday I went out to dinner with the fam. Reg of course was my “date”. Haha

I love the random things you see in the city streets.

Headed to Marco Polo from some DELICIOUS gelato. If you never been to Marco Polo, it’s on Taravel and…23rd or something like that.

The flavors I got were Lychee and Strawberry. Deeeeelicious.

Later I headed out to Poleng with the folks. A shot for my birthday and a shot for JD.

After drinking a few shots of Henn…my neighbors decide to buy me a shot of patron…ahhhhh.

I was in the bathroom and I never realized the bathroom lights. Pretty dope I must say.

Oh boy…

Wingman…heart u!

Kev was in town visiting from Hawaii!!

Chiara came out to plaaay!

The day of my birthday we had a bbq at my house. Brandon brought Popsicles to share.

Melissa and baby Shawn!

He totally took my Curious George home…haha.

Birthday cake time was traditional with Grandma sitting in front of me…

And then there was this…

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!