my 21st bday for the 4th time

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on April 1, 2008

The day before my birthday I went out to dinner with the fam. Reg of course was my “date”. Haha

I love the random things you see in the city streets.

Headed to Marco Polo from some DELICIOUS gelato. If you never been to Marco Polo, it’s on Taravel and…23rd or something like that.

The flavors I got were Lychee and Strawberry. Deeeeelicious.

Later I headed out to Poleng with the folks. A shot for my birthday and a shot for JD.

After drinking a few shots of Henn…my neighbors decide to buy me a shot of patron…ahhhhh.

I was in the bathroom and I never realized the bathroom lights. Pretty dope I must say.

Oh boy…

Wingman…heart u!

Kev was in town visiting from Hawaii!!

Chiara came out to plaaay!

The day of my birthday we had a bbq at my house. Brandon brought Popsicles to share.

Melissa and baby Shawn!

He totally took my Curious George home…haha.

Birthday cake time was traditional with Grandma sitting in front of me…

And then there was this…

Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me!