Chuck Norris/Sex and the City

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Last night I headed out to Milk where the Chuck Norris party was at. Was pretty crackin as usual.

Alex, our rep from NY, was in town.

And also Lanie and Mink from Hellz-Bellz.

Apparently T-Pain and Kanye were there too. Haha Just playin…

This morning I stopped by Fatlace for the Hellz-Bellz warehouse sale. Spent a good $200. Wish I had more time to shop though! But I had a date with the girls to get brunch.

I met the girls up at Foreign Cinema on Mission for brunch and then headed downtown to watch Sex and the City. Such a chick flick, but I liked it.


Words Can’t Explain

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Chuck Norris

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Come through Friday, May 30th at Milk on Haight
$5 cover
Free Pabst!

Hellz Bellz Warehouse Sale

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Hellz is having a warehouse sale.
Clothing is 50%-75% off

The one in NY already passed. But don’t miss out on San Diego and San Francisco.

San Diego
May 24th-25th
828 G St.
San Diego, CA 92101

San Francisco
May 31st-June 1st
1630 Post St.
San Francisco, CA 94115

Find more info out on or

Source from: Yoshi

Bay to Breakers 08′

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I’ve never done the Bay to Breakers before so when I heard Verizon was trying to set something up for employees to do it I decided it’s a great time considering I usually work Sundays. We met up as “the network” wearing our red Verizon shirts and hard hats. The streets were crazy as you can see and this was just somewhere by the starting line!

Reg told me about the tortilla throwing in the beginning. I still don’t understand why, but it was fun.

Storm Troopers

I thought the crayons were hella cute. Haha

Starting line.

I have never seen so many naked men in my life. Ehh…

The “Jesus Christ Loves You” guy is always downtown. His normal post is on Market next to the cable cars.

Hayes hill.

Once we started getting closer to Golden Gate Park I decided to actually run. By the forth mile mark I started running, stopped at the fifth and then started running again on the sixth mile mark to the finish line. I think my time was somewhere around 2 hours and 24 minutes. My manager did about 1 hour and 16 minutes. And the rest of my coworkers finished at about 3 hours. Maybe next year I’ll try running it. Hmm…maybe not. Haha

No pictures from the finish line though. My coworker that was walking held onto my bag. But I ran into Darrell and Rocks! Thanks for the picture Rocks!

A Couple Things

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Wednesday I was off so I went to go watch Augs’ softball game. Marc, Liz, and Jermz were there munching on these little guys. Shrooms anyone? It’s basically like the other Asian snacks with chocolate and a cracker…Hello Panda, Pocky, Yan-Yan. They were actaully pretty good.

Remember another post I had about Augs getting stitches? Well…she got hit by the ball, again, but this time it hit her lip. So now she has a bandaid on her eye because of her stitches and also a bruised lip…on the inside and out! What a soldier!

There’s been a heatwave in the Bay Area, so that meant Dolores park! Grabbed some sandwiches with Reg and B and chilled on the grass.

B drove me home after since Reg had to get ready for work. This is what his air freshener said…

Sutro Baths

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Have you ever seen the Sutro baths in San Francisco? Here’s a brief history lesson for you. The Sutro Baths opened in March 1896 as an indoor swimming pool. Literally on the ocean side, it consisted of seven pools, one fresh water and the rest salt water. The establishment was made of concrete, iron, wood, and glass. Crazy huh? It’s located at the end of the Great Highway and Geary next to Cliff house. Check it out.

I went to take pictures with Mike and his friends Kevin and Casey. I ended up meeting them at Fort Miley in San Francisco. This is what’s left of the Sutro Baths. Cliff house is still up and renovated and now has two restaurants so go check it out one of these days.

Ruffles and Four Stitches

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So the other day I decided to get chips from a vending machine at school. I stood there deciding between A2 and A3, questioning which one had more chips in it. I decided to go with A3 and as you can see my bag of chips got stuck. I started hitting it a little to see if it’d loosen but of course it didn’t. Some guy was walking by and tried to help me shake the machine, but it still wouldn’t go. So I had to buy the chips in A2 to get both. I thought that made my day a little crappy.

But not as crappy as Augs’ Wednesday! Jk! Haha I heard from friends that Augs got hit with the ball during a softball game but I didn’t know it was bad enough where she had to get stitches! Aww…poor Augs here had to get four stitches above her right eye. According to Augs, she was going in for a catch and the ball bounced off of her glove and hit her in the eye. From what I hear it was a really good game though and her team won! Looks like she took one for the team!

Get better Augs!

Marc’s New Tattoo

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No comment. Except that it’s real…Haha…

Nike Aerofit Hi’s

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One day Yoshi asked me for my address and I really wasn’t sure what it was for. I knew it had to do with shoes since she double checked my shoe size with me. As you can imagine, I was pretty damn excited. A couple days later these showed up on my doorstep! According to Yoshi’s post from a month ago and a posting on, these bad boys are called Aerofits and will be released in September. Just one pair of the many new releases for Fall 08′. Check out more sneak peaks here.

Thanks again to Yoshi and her friend!!