Ruffles and Four Stitches

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on May 8, 2008

So the other day I decided to get chips from a vending machine at school. I stood there deciding between A2 and A3, questioning which one had more chips in it. I decided to go with A3 and as you can see my bag of chips got stuck. I started hitting it a little to see if it’d loosen but of course it didn’t. Some guy was walking by and tried to help me shake the machine, but it still wouldn’t go. So I had to buy the chips in A2 to get both. I thought that made my day a little crappy.

But not as crappy as Augs’ Wednesday! Jk! Haha I heard from friends that Augs got hit with the ball during a softball game but I didn’t know it was bad enough where she had to get stitches! Aww…poor Augs here had to get four stitches above her right eye. According to Augs, she was going in for a catch and the ball bounced off of her glove and hit her in the eye. From what I hear it was a really good game though and her team won! Looks like she took one for the team!

Get better Augs!


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