A Couple Things

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on May 17, 2008

Wednesday I was off so I went to go watch Augs’ softball game. Marc, Liz, and Jermz were there munching on these little guys. Shrooms anyone? It’s basically like the other Asian snacks with chocolate and a cracker…Hello Panda, Pocky, Yan-Yan. They were actaully pretty good.

Remember another post I had about Augs getting stitches? Well…she got hit by the ball, again, but this time it hit her lip. So now she has a bandaid on her eye because of her stitches and also a bruised lip…on the inside and out! What a soldier!

There’s been a heatwave in the Bay Area, so that meant Dolores park! Grabbed some sandwiches with Reg and B and chilled on the grass.

B drove me home after since Reg had to get ready for work. This is what his air freshener said…


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