Father’s Day

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I must say my brother’s the nicest EVER. Even though I owe him some $ (teehee) I get all his hand me downs like his old TV and even his iMac computer! Thanks Bro!

This Father’s day he got my Dad this…

My dad’s very first motorcycle!

My dad JUST got his motorcycle license and it just so happened that my brother’s friend was selling his motorcycle. So my bro got it for him. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY DAD! Doesn’t this totally beat the present from me, my sister, and my brother in law for Father’s Day?–The Bucket List dvd. Haha I love my crazy family.


Random Pictures + Adapt Clothing Photo Shoot

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The other day I decided to take bart to the Homeroom office since gas is so expensive. I was originally going to ride my dad’s bike to bart but it was a little too big and i almost fell off it a couple of times. So instead I drove to bart and brought my skateboard with me to get around the city. Haven’t been on my board in awhile…

Friday I went to Mighty for the Wild N Krazy Kidz Anniversary Party. I can’t believe I FORGOT my CAMERA!! They had a mechanical bull and everything!

Yesterday I headed to my friend’s photo shoot in Oakland. His clothing line, Adapt Clothing, is now in TRUE along with TRUE East. He also has his line on…you can check it out here. My friend Karl showed up along with Arnelle.

She was rockin these kicks from Creative Rec while I was getting gum on my shoes all day…grr. I also bought a pair of Creative Rec’s which you’ll see later…

The man behind Adapt Clothing.

LOOK! HEEZE IS MODELING!! Haha Love yah Cuz!

Photographer Joe

Yum. They match my walls.

Later that night I met up with Cameron House people for dinner and a movie. For some reason I didn’t take pictures, but I did take a picture of my fortune cookie that had NO fortune in it! One of my friends said “Guess you don’t have a future!” Aww…that sucks. Haha

We went to some yogurt place on Irving that just opened up. I was fascinated by the walls.

We ended up watching Kung Fu Panda after getting yogurt. It was pretty cute/funny. That’s the first animated movie I watched in a reeeeally long time. Wait until you see my next blog!