Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on July 30, 2008

Sorry I don’t have any new exciting updates. But I’ve been suuuuper busy. I started painting my apartment but I haven’t had a lot of free time to actually get it done. My week consists of work and school. When I’m not at work or at school I’m trying to get my apartment done and make some time to head to the Homeroom office.

This week is super busy too. I have training in Walnut Creek 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs and I have to come back everyday after training so that I could make it to class. Luckily I’m done with at least one of the classes. Friday I might have to go to jury duty which will SUCK. If not I’ll be at the Homeroom office. That night I’ll be out with the ladies and then Saturday will be painting and working on a couple other projects. Then it’s back to work on Sunday. Boo.

I almost fell asleep in class during my final tonight…