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After work Saturday night I headed down to Vegas for the Magic Trade Show. Alex, Gian, and Masa picked me up from the airport and we headed straight to Stussy and Undefeated to meet up Neeks.

Neeks (Stussy & Undefeated LV)

Right after that we headed down to House of Commons.

They had a show going on that we were late for but it included great photos of people that bike and the bios on them.

Sunday we set up at Magic and then headed out to Hard Rock for a party at Wasted Space. I ran into some of my friends from back home. Had no idea they were in Vegas!

Some of Homeroom (Alex James, Niko, me, Alval). Why does it look like I have to use the bathroom?

Alex James & Eric

Monday: First day of Magic

Tom & Chris (Invisible Stripes)

Me and Jim (Soy Clothing)-Thanks for the shirt guys!


Me and Yoshi

I heart. Haha

Me and the lovely DimePiece ladies!

Triumvir had 4 Capcom video machines with Street Fighter 4 on them!

So I decided to take our big pencil…

around the trade show to ask people to take pictures with it.

Mikey (Orisue)

Matt (Rogue Status)

Mike J. (LRG)

Yoshi (Fatlace and The Foundation/In4mation)

Neran (Agenda Trade Show)

Switch (The Hundreds)
You look so happy Switch!

View more pictures here!!


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  1. SWITCH™ said, on September 17, 2008 at 2:49 pm

    neek…not niko

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