Snow Part Deux

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on February 5, 2009
Last weekend I headed up to Reno with some of my friends. On Saturday we went up to Mt. Rose to get some boarding in. I think this is the first trip I went on where we had about 20 people and EVERYONE went boarding or skiing. It was pretty awesome.

Some of the crew. A few others were off on their own.Augs & I

There was a dude wearing a chili costume…next to a dude wearing a sports coat. Later in the day we saw a guy wearing a full suit. Haha

I had a cramp and was trying to stretch it out…Darrell decided to make fun of me!

So my board is treating me well. I probably could’ve gotten a 149 or 148 board. Maybe after a couple seasons I’ll go for a park board. My friend Adrianne said she has the Nike snowboarding boots and that they’re super comfortable. I may have to check those out.


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