Hopie Spitshard x Adapt Advancers

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hopie x adapt

It’s not easy being a female in the male-dominated rap world.




I’m on the TWILIGHT Bandwagon.

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The first time I heard about Twilight was when I was out to dinner with Rach and Abi. The movie wasn’t out yet and I believe Abi had just finished the first book. All I remember was them explaining what it was about…”Okay, so I know it sounds weird…but it’s a love story about a vampire and a girl”. And then they said something about how passionate it was. I’m not big on reading books, but when someone gets that excited about one it usually ends up on a list of books I know I should read.

When the movie came out I KNEW I should watch it. But knowing me, I lag on watching movies. When my friends plan to watch a movie, I’m usually busy. Or I don’t have anyone to watch it with. Haha By this time Yoshi, Rach and Lawn created a blog all about Twilight called What The Forks?! I posted their site a couple times and I was reading their blog without seeing the movie or reading the book.

For the longest time I was telling Yoshi and Rach that I was going to buy the movie. FAIL. Reg ended up giving me a copy of the movie and on Saturday night I decided to watch it (I know, I know…home on a Saturday night…but I wasn’t feeling good).

So there I sat…watching the movie that everyone had hyped me up on. I have to admit…there were some parts I laughed at when I wasn’t supposed to. Haha

The next day when I told Rach I FINALLY watched it…she asked “So…what’s the verdict?!”

My response…”Umm…I think I’m on TEAM EDWARD”

So yes my friends…I have joined the TWILIGHT bandwagon. I’m not as hardcore as the WTF?! ladies, but I still went out last night to buy the DVD (which I watched once last night after I got it and again this morning). And today I got the soundtrack and the book series. I NEVER say this…but I can’t wait to read the books!


So THANK YOU to the ladies of WTF?!Yoshi, Raaachem, and Lawn!

I’m gonna go start reading while having R.Patz song “Never Think” on repeat…haha

My Friday

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I’ve been living in my apartment for about 5 months and I still haven’t completely settled in. I have a corner full of shoe boxes and a big bin full of sweaters and sweatshirts. So I finally made an Ikea run and got a new dresser. Heeze came with me so he could help me lift the boxes. Haha

After we stopped by Ikea we headed to Oakland to visit our friend Evan @ the Adapt Clothing office.




Heeze wearing Adapt.



Make sure you keep your eyes open for the new line coming out! And the women’s lookbook is coming out soon! Follow them on TWITTER!

Later that night I headed to Mr. Smith’s to celebrate MP’s birthday.


These guys started and designed,  an online community where you can share photos, designs, music, and videos. CHECK IT OUT!


Also make sure to check out MP’s website,


Like A Boss

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I was talking to my friend Carlo online and he sent me this. We all know of “I’m On A Boat”…well here’s another one…”Like A Boss” ft Seth Rogan. Whaaa? Lol Makin fun of Slim Thug’s song “Like A Boss”

Like I Was Saying…

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Make sure you stop by the HELLZ SAMPLE SALE this FRIDAY & SATURDAY!


And after you shop, come out to party!


CBF pt. 1

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I had Easter Sunday off so I decided to hit up the Cherry Blossom Festival. Every year my friends and I check it out and spend most of our day in the beer garden and by the food. I only went with a couple friends on Sunday…but come this Saturday be sure to find all of us in by the beer and sake!

I was messing with my UV filter for my camera…


Meet us this coming Saturday!

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Pop Up Sale

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If you’re up in Seattle check out this sale! 40%-70% off some great brands, April 18th and 19th.


Don’t forget to check out Seattle based clothing line, Soy Clothing!

To see their S/S 09′ lookbook click HERE.

Hellz Sample Sale & Pop Up Store

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WOOHOO! I love it when Hellz holds a sample sale in SF! Last year it was held at Fatlace and all i remember was standing in line to get my ass in there so I could get my hands on some fresh shiiit! This time Hellz will be at TRUE on Haight. The line’s gonna be long, so make sure you get there early!


Don’t forget to check out the Hellz pop up shop w/ Nitro:licious and Zebraclub.


Joy Tolentino

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My girl Joy has a new song up! I’ve known this chick since the 6th grade and she’s been singing and performing ever since! Stay tuned for more of her new songs coming out.

Check out her Myspace Music page to listen to some of her other songs!

Cherry Blossom Festival

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It’s about that time! Spring is here and that means the Cherry Blossom Festival is coming up! For the last two years my friends and I have been going to enjoy some good eats and of course, SAKE BOMBS! The festival starts this weekend, April 11th and 12th, and carries on the weekend after, April 18th and 19th. Come join the fun in Japantown, San Francisco!

If you want to join us we’ll be there on Sat the 18th. Holla!

Some pictures from last year…



While you’re there don’t forget to stop by Fatlace!