Hawaii Day 1

Posted in vacay by krisyee on May 28, 2009

WOOHOO! Hawaii Day 1 was awesome. We got into Oahu around 11am yesterday and the first thing we did was head to our friend Lexer’s apartment to drop off our luggage. After that we headed out to Ala Moana Mall. Grabbed some Zippys and walked around. We had to wait for Lex to get off work, so we ended up at MaiTai for happy hour. Their Starburst drink was DELICIOUS…and I swear they had the best popcorn shrimp and lychee martini I’ve ever had. Haha After a couple drinks, Lex was gonna make us hike Diamond Head but its was about 5:30pm and everyone had to be down by 6pm. Sooooo…we hiked KoKo Head instead. That hike was bananas! Especially for a couple of us that HAVE NOT worked out in awhile! Lol But we made it to the top!

*I don’t have my cable or memory card reader with me…so camera phone images will have to do.

I promise I’ll have more pictures when I get back!

After we showered we headed to Side Street Inn to get some fried rice, chicken wings, and pork chops. YUM. Then we went to D & B’s. I must say…D & B’s over here is CRAZY. It was a little toooo crackin for me…but after a few shots and grabbing a pool table it was all good. We also ran into Liz, Syl, and Marie there. They’re on vacay here too!

Right now we’re just waiting for the rest of the crew to get here.

Stay tuuuuuned.

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I’m Ready…

Posted in vacay by krisyee on May 26, 2009

Hawaii…I’m ready for you!


One more day of work…then Hawaii tomorrow!

photo off of:

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MTV Movie Awards!

Posted in movies by krisyee on May 21, 2009

So the MTV Movie Awards are coming up next week. I’ll be in Hawaii so I have a feeling I’m not going to catch it. Boo! 😦 I’m going to miss R.Patz and K.Stew…AND the preview of New Moon?! Maybe I should get DVR for a month just to record it! Lol Nah, I probably won’t. But I hope I can catch a glimpse of it! Twilight’s up for 7 nominations and MTV’s letting viewers vote for the first time. There’s a lot of good nominees so if you wanna get your vote on check it out here!

Picture 5

Make sure to check out MTV for more categories.

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Hawaii In a Weeeeeek!

Posted in vacay by krisyee on May 19, 2009

So I’m headed to Hawaii next week! I haven’t been there since HIGH SCHOOL!

I need people to suggest things to do, places to go, etc!!

These are on my list for shopping:
-Kicks Hi
-Swap Meet
-International Market Place

For Clubs/Bars:
-Level 4
-Oceans Night Club
-Pipeline Cafe
-The Living Room

Help me out! Let me know what luau’s are good, clubs, shops, restaurants, activities, etc!!!! Thanks!

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Adapt Advancers x C’est La Vie

Posted in brands by krisyee on May 15, 2009

2 features in one day!

Adapt Advancers Womens Spring/Summer 09′ made it on C’est La Vie! Featuring the S/S 09′ line with Hopie Spitshard. Check it out under the Women’s Style//Beauty section!

Picture 7

Check out the article HERE.

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Adapt Advancers x Thrillist

Posted in brands by krisyee on May 15, 2009

Check it. Thrillist featured my boy’s clothing line, Adapt Advancers.

Picture 6

Click HERE to read the rest of the article.

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Amel Larrieux @ Yoshi’s SF

Posted in Uncategorized by krisyee on May 13, 2009

Amel Larrieux will be performing @ Yoshi’s in SF! She’s an amazing, AMAZING R&B/soul artist who is definitely worth seeing. Check out some of her songs here.

May 28-31
4 Nights
2 Sets per night

Get your tickets here!


I’m so sad cause I’m gonna be out of town! 😦

Then again…I’ll be in Hawaii… 🙂

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R.Patz vs. Chris Pine

Posted in celebrities, movies by krisyee on May 13, 2009

So this article on E! was titled “Are Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto the New Rob Pattinson?”

Picture 5

UMM…I think NOT. I’m not saying I like one more than the other, BUT…I like them in different ways. Plus…for me at least…this is only between Chris Pine and R.Patz. (Sorry Zach, you’re always just going to remind me of Spock)

I thought Chris Pine was HOT back when he was in the movie Just My Luck (which I own on dvd) w/ Lindsey Lohan and then again in The Princess Diaries 2. Aside from being as hot as he is, he’s a pretty amazing actor. He was also in Smokin’ Aces (the lead bash brother) and of course his role as Kirk in this year’s Star Trek movie definitely put him out there. He’s your all American boy type of guy.

R. Patz of course is the hottest vampire EVER and I’m sure all Twilight fans, including myself, wouldn’t mind getting bit by him. Also, who doesn’t love a guy with a British accent? Ugh. AND he sings, plays guitar and piano?! I come from a family where all of us kids were in band and had music lessons, so I ❤ me a guy that’s musically inclined. Plus I fall asleep to his songs Never Think and Let Me Sign almost every night cause his voice just soothes me! I do love that grungy look that R.Patz pulls off.

I would definitely have a hard time with this one.

So who would you choose?
R.Patz or Chris Pine?


Hello Tello

Posted in design, food, fun by krisyee on May 11, 2009

This past weekend I made a trip down to LA for Tello’s graduation. He graduated from Otis College of Art and Design. Friday was the senior showcase and it was AMAZING. Each floor had different things from concept art to product design and motion graphics. Tello does motion graphics and had his work on display. His video reel was awesome.

Check out his video reel on his website. HELLOTELLO.COM

The next day was his grad.

We had his graduation lunch at The Grove where we hit up Pampas Grill…DELICIOUS. It was my first time @ Pinkberry! It was pretty damn good and probably the best froyo I’ve ever had.
I heard R.Patz was in LA this past weekend! If only I ran into him. Lol My trip to LA was too short. I never want to come home when I’m down there. Until next time LA!

Congrats again Tello!

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My Big Bro & Star Trek

Posted in movies by krisyee on May 10, 2009

If you saw my old post on Star Trek the movie…you know I was excited for it to come out. So excited…I already watched it…TWICE. Lol. The movie just came out on Friday…I saw it that morning @ the 1am IMAX showing. Then again yesterday while I was in LA. All I have to say was that it was AWESOME. It’s one of those movies that keep you entertained and the special effects and graphics were amazing. Plus Chris Pine’s a hottie.


The first time I watched it we ended up staying for the credits. And what do you know…I end up seeing my brother’s name in the credits! Under “Concept Art”…Dave Yee. WTH?! He didn’t tell me he worked on Star Trek! So of course I had to ask him.

me: did you work on star trek?
bro: yes
me: thanks for telling me! lol
bro: did you see it?
me: i saw your name in the credits and was like “WHAT?!” hahahaha
bro: wow, you stayed to watch the credits?
me: yea my friends like to so we stayed haha
i saw the 1am showing last night on imax
bro: wow, 1am?
I brought my night class to see it. we skipped class to go
me: REALLY?!
did they pay for themselves?
i liked it
chris pine’s a hottie! lol
bro: i treated cause i’m a nice guy
me: DAMN!
bro: and got cheap discounted group tickets
me: coolest teacher EVER

My brother’s VERY talented. After working for ILM and working on movies such as Star Wars and Van Helsing, he left to become a freelance artist. Since then he’s still been contracted by ILM to work on many different projects and movies.  He also teaches at his alma mater, SJSU (so if you’re an art major, take his class!). Good job on Star Trek bro!