Hawaii Day 1

Posted in vacay by krisyee on May 28, 2009

WOOHOO! Hawaii Day 1 was awesome. We got into Oahu around 11am yesterday and the first thing we did was head to our friend Lexer’s apartment to drop off our luggage. After that we headed out to Ala Moana Mall. Grabbed some Zippys and walked around. We had to wait for Lex to get off work, so we ended up at MaiTai for happy hour. Their Starburst drink was DELICIOUS…and I swear they had the best popcorn shrimp and lychee martini I’ve ever had. Haha After a couple drinks, Lex was gonna make us hike Diamond Head but its was about 5:30pm and everyone had to be down by 6pm. Sooooo…we hiked KoKo Head instead. That hike was bananas! Especially for a couple of us that HAVE NOT worked out in awhile! Lol But we made it to the top!

*I don’t have my cable or memory card reader with me…so camera phone images will have to do.

I promise I’ll have more pictures when I get back!

After we showered we headed to Side Street Inn to get some fried rice, chicken wings, and pork chops. YUM. Then we went to D & B’s. I must say…D & B’s over here is CRAZY. It was a little toooo crackin for me…but after a few shots and grabbing a pool table it was all good. We also ran into Liz, Syl, and Marie there. They’re on vacay here too!

Right now we’re just waiting for the rest of the crew to get here.

Stay tuuuuuned.

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