Foodie’s Paradise

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This one’s for you Rach. LOL

So my friend on Twitter reposted this. And for those that you don’t know, there’s a creme brulee guy on Twitter that announces where he will be in the city.

Check out this girls YouTube for some other videos.

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VZDub Softball

Posted in vzdub by krisyee on August 18, 2009

VZDub San Mateo had a softball game against VZDub South City (my old location)! And I must say it was FUN. Kind of sucked that I was the only girl that played the whole game! Other than that, I caught a fly ball, hit by the biggest dude on the other team and I had a hit every time I was at bat. Woohoo! By the way, San Mateo won 16-12!!! Woot!